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Microsoft Watch Is Gone, Microsoft Can No Longer Produce Smartwatches


Microsoft Watch Is Gone, Why Microsoft Can No Longer Produce Watches

Microsoft have never been that successful in terms of mobile phone production. Microsoft mobile was part of microsoft saddled with the responsibility of manufacturing mobile phones. However microsoft couldn’t keep up with the fast trends and rapid growth including the development in the mobile phone world. Why is it a problem for microsoft to produce new smartwatches, Apple Inc does, and the same scenario goes for Android for its Wear devices now branded as WearOS. Microsoft Band was created by Microsoft to take charge of developing the Smartband watch, a fitness and activity tracking smartwatch. The subsidiary was officially announced by Microsoft on 29 October 2014, and was dicontinued in 2016.

The microsoft smartwatch consisted of 10 sensors although microsoft stated on its official web page that eight sensors were used. The smart watch featured;

* Gryrometer
* UV Sensor
* Skin Temperature sensor
* Optical Heart Rate Monitor
* Three axis Accelerometer
* Microphone
* Capacitive Sensor
* Galvanic skin response sensors
* Ambient light sensor.

The smartwatch relied on Microsoft health and can run for two days if charged to a full capacity. A smartwatch is another mobile phone, it incorporates almost all smartphone features. It seems Microsoft isn’t interested in producing mobile phone, their windows phones have virtually collapsed and we also witnessed a failed attempt to resurrect their mobile subsidiary purchasing Nokia mobile feature phones and was succeeded by Microsoft mobile, the company couldn’t keep up, running the mobile phones to more standard states, huge loss by microsoft, however they were able sell the feature phones to Foxconn Technology and HMD global for $350 million. HMD global is currently the main producers of nokia smartphones. The deal saw the transfer of all features phones, softwares, customer contracts, services previously acquired by them, although Microsoft will continue running its Windows 10 mobile operating systems aimed at creating greater consistency plus enhaced features for its mobile users.
We’ve seen moves by microsoft developing apps for android Operating System which is applaudable. But what is the problem, Microsoft has tried building other subsidiaries like phones and watches but all failing, The smartwatches Band 1 and Band 2 were all cool and classy but they can’t just keep it going. Almost all our activities in this 21st century revolves around mobile devices, owning about 85% market share on desktop/PCs isn’t a joke however a market share in mobile seems like a daunting task, maybe developing apps for android could be the way Microsoft wants to use in stepping into the mobile world, it may not be a bad move, but how relevant is it. Maybe microsoft should focus only on PCs and Gaming Console because these areas prove to be the strongpoint of the company. Microsoft watch (band) is gone forever.
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