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Line Messenger Switches To Cryptocurrency



Line Messenger Switches To Cryptocurrency.

Japaneese online instant messaging platform Line a social media outfit announced on friday that it will go into crytocurrencies this month. The company’s focus in cryptocurrency is distributing virtual coins, dubbed links which will stand as a reward to people sing the Line messaging platform. Users can use this opportunity to purchase goods and services found on the Line messaging app. The popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has grown and many businesses are queueing into the vast opportunity offered by cryptocoins. This has triggered Line to step up to the occasion by developing its own cryptocurrency and blockchain network. Line is currently the newest company to enter into the cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrency may dominate the way bussinesses carry out there transactions in the future, already top businesses in first world countries are using it as a medium for exchange and payments. Line will make use of Link, however Link will not be publicly available due to regulatory approval. Link will only be used in Line services and will not be considered as cryptocurrency in the US and Japan. Line is known for other products like Clova, and AI platform, an intelligent personal assistant for iOS and Android Operating System iintroduced in May 2017. Line is also in a partnership with a drone maker to produce mini drones.

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