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iPhone XS, XS Max And iPhone XR, Which One Is The Best


iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR, Which One Is The Best.

Its so intersting to see Apple with an advanced iPhone, for long infact the entire history of Apple Inc smartphone production, they’ve never produced a smartphone with more advanced features than other iPhone versions like the iPhone X, iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. The iPhone XS was kept at a price tag of $1,449. The iPhone XS Max is has a bigger screen, some critics say its too big and cannot fit on the hand, while others say its all cool and nice. So, if you were given the option of choosing between the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS max, what will you do, it’s kind of hard to choose between the two, honestly on a personal note i can’t choose any from the two smartphones because all consist features i like and would want to own the two.
There are strong indications that the iPhone XS max would offer more battery life than the other two.

Apart from the battery performance the Max also offers a unique camera experience. Do you own an old iPhone and you are considering to purchase the new iPhones, i think you should look more inward. The iPhone XS can display contents the same thus it looks a little bit different from others, i can bet that the XS, XS Max and XR are by far the best in all iPhones produced in history with features like more advanced display technology, stronger outer shell due to its steel frame and the affordable price tag on them. Appled annouced that the 2018 iPhone will offer the best to users and the oucome was commendable.


The price tag of the XS smartphone is kept at $1,449 and i still think it should be way more than the XR. The XS promises more options to users than the XR offers. Taking a critical look at the iPhone XS features, you’ll see what we are saying

1. A 3D Touch: Ever thought of a smartphone with 3D touch, well if you’ve never thought of that before, the XS has made it a reality. 3D touch is excellent and magnificient. You wouldn’t know until you have a feel of the 3D Touch.

2. Size: Many critics say bogus smartphones isn’t good at all, but is cool, the XS can fit easily into your pocket.

3. Improved Screen Resolution: The iPhone XS snartphone has a higher screen resolution expanding your smartphone view for movies, games etc.

4. Secondary Camera

5. Improved outer shell: the outer body is made up of strong steel preventing quicks cracks in accidental cases of drop from a higher height.

The XS is worth the price due to its more advanced features over others. The XS has two cameras compared to the XR with one camera. Which one do you prefare, the XS comes with Face ID support with a gold colour compared to the XR

Photo: Macrumours


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