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iOS 12 Overview. Introducing 8 New Features


iOS 12 Overview. Introducing 8 New Features

Apple finally released the new update to cover all iOS devices along with the release of the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR plus the series 4 Smartwatch.

iOS 12 was released to cover all security fixes on all iOS devices. The new iOS 12 update has over 8 new features.

If you own an iOS device with iOS 11 or later, you should consider upgrading to the iOS 12 for better experience.

The iOS 12 new 8 features include:

1. Speed

2. Improved Notification

3. Improved Camera

4. Improved Phone Settings

5. Music Lyrics Search

6. Measure Tool

7. Emoji Yourself

8. Improved Do Not Disturb

The new features on the new iOS 12 update are discussed below.

1. Speed:

On iOS 12, everything is fast and works smoothly than iOS 11. On iOS 12 you can swipe between two apps easily and at a faster rate that is to say swipping between your favourite apps is now a lot more faster than before.

The keyboard in iOS 12 update is more faster and responsible than previous iOS versions.

The new update has improved the user experience of iOS devices due to its speed and smoothness.

2. Improved Notification:

On the lock screenof your iOS device, notifications from the same apps are stacked to ensure more organized notification.
You can play around with it by tapping on the notification icon to see individual notifications.

3. Improved Camera:

the iOS 12 update saw new features like AR filters builtin into the camera app of your iOS smartphone. A better lighting in potrait mode was added to the camera plus a newly improved QR Reader.

4. Improved Phone Settings:

In the setting section of your devce, apple added a new feature which acts as a monitor. It monitors your smartphone usage throughout the day.

So whenever you wish to see how long you’ve used your smartphone during the day, you can check out the Monitor.

The new feature also allows you to set time or limit specific apps and websites or even block contents that you do not like.

5. Music Lyrics Search:

On iOS 12 you can search for songs using lyrics making it easier for you to search for songs even if you cannot remember the artist or the title of the song.

ios 12 measure app tool
Photo: AppleInsider

6. Measure Tool:

iOS 12 introduced a new app called “Measure”. It uses AR technology to measur materials in real life. It acts as a ruler.

7. Emoji Yourself:

iOS 12 introduced an animoji called memoji that can allow you you create emojis that look exactly like you.


8. Improved Do Not Disturb:

On iOS 1t, the “Do Not Disturb” feature has been improved in a way to fit your lifestyle.

Like customizing your smartphone to “Bed Time Mode” which turns your notifications OFF. Deemed device screen untill you wake up.

More features include the ability to display the weather app automatically on your lock screen.

iOS 12 is far more better than older iOS releases.


iOS 12 came with promising features to help you carry out task faster and smoother with new features as well as improvements on already existing features


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