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Intel Working On A Firmware For The Open World



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Intel Working On Firmware Design For The Open World.

Open source software development has significantly increased cooperation among top tech firms, companies and has made a significant progress in software development in the world. Open source sofware development allows third parties to give their own share, opinion and contributions towards the development of a project and the chances of succeding on such projects are higher. In the past years Intel has embraced the open source system thus expanding its open source platform in firmware developments. Intel has also created events to engage community on a broad set platforms like the Open Source Firmware Conference. The company has been supporting the open source community called the Tianocore, which is an open source community supporting an open source implementation of Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) which is a mordern feature, cross platform firmware development environment since 2004. UEFI has been adopted and may Even replace the Basic Input/Output (I/O) System (BIOS). The Tiano software project compenents are incorporated in open source firmaware solutions implemented and booting billions of devices.

The main project of the Tianocore community is the second generation of EFI Development Kit. Recently a python optimized environment was provided by contributions to the Tianocore community. The Open Source Firmware Community summit this september will feature Tianocore hackathon which is first of its kind and will encourage broader community participation.

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