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Intel And Three Others To Establish International Transformative AI



Photo: ExtremeTech

Intel And Three Others To Establish International Centre For Transformative AI.

NITI Aayog, TIFR and Intel collaborates to create an international centre for transformative AI with the aim of solving challenges in India. The three companies announced the collaboration which take’s effect from today, a move towards establishing a Transformative AI centre which is the first of its kind. The collabration among the three companies will pave way for the development of Artificial Intelligence based research projects. Upon the announcement of the collaboration, Intel expresses delight to be part of such collabaration that will bring the first transformative Artificial Intelligence centre, ACTAI on the other hand is aimed at conducting advanced research in areas like smart mobility, agriculture and healthcare which can be accomplished with the collaboration signed with Intel and TIFR. This effort will allow ICTAI to develop Artificial Intelligence fundamental frameworks, assets and tools to support policy development related to Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence. ICTAI is expected to develop Artificial Intelligence principles, technology promoting applied research aimed at achieving a self sustaining Artificial Intelligence ecosystem in India.

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