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How To Avoid Sharing For Companies You Know Nothing About On Facebook


How To Avoid Sharing For Companies You Know Nothing About On Facebook.

For some time now Facebook has been working on measures to prevent its users from sharing companies working for free promotion, illegal bodies whoose sole aim is to gain cheap popularity on facebook. Facebook has made some major updates and changes to Branded Contents and Pages thus banning them from accepting compensations from third parties for sharing large amount of marketing contents. This is a method facebook has employed to reduce the number of clickbait.

“Clickbait is simply contents that attract the attention of users and encourage them to click on third party links that are dirceted to another website on the internet”.

Inorder to help pages and branded contents understand it better, facebook gave some scenarios that some pages used to attract the attention of users to click on links forwarded to third party websites.

Follow these methods to avoid clicking on links promoting brands and indirectly forcing you to click on these links.

How to know of if the Shared Content Is A sharing Scheme.

Companies looking for popularity use many ways of promoting their products and brands thereby publishing contents that will encourage you to click on their links.

¤ Your facebook account can be approached by these companies in an attempt to use your account, your pages. In turn they will offer you compensation for permission to use your account and access to your ads manager account running Ads campaign on your account to show their contents to your friends and families on your friends list.

¤ They can also lure you to understand that their campaigns are compliant to facebook policy, and can reference pages that they work with.

¤ They can claim that their contents they share on your pages can increase likes, comments and followers.

¤ Once you sign an agreetment with them granting them access, they’ll have access to your account and use it for posting, they will assign a special team of personel to work with you.

¤ As soon as the agreetment has been made, they’ll start posting their promotional contents on your pages and timeline inorder to attract the attention of your friends thinking that you shared them. Doing this can risk your account if facebook policy team finds your account violating their terms.

If facebook policy team identifies your pages for involvement in sharing scheme, your page reach could reduce i.e whenever you share a post on your page it will receive fewer number of engagements and views. Repeated link sharing can also result to loosing monetization features on facebook. However if your pages were limited due such practices you contact the policy team.

Facebook is enforcing this to ensure quality contents are shared on facebook, also showing quality and sensible contents to facebook audience. You can choose to monetize your pages directly instead of using third parties that may put your page in high risk and limit exposure.

How To Monetize Your Facebook Page

The best way to monetize your facebook page is by creating contents that refletcs your unique voice. You can use Facebook branded content or Ad Breaks to monetize your pages by sharing useful and quality contents to your unique followers.


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