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Google Chrome 69 Is Watching You


Chrome 69 Is Watching You

Following recent overhaul of the Google chrome browser, the new look browser now allows auto login of users with google account whenever they visit a google website.

§You visited a google website like Gmail, Youtube, Hangouts, Photos etc. with your google Chrome 69 browser, then you sign in with your google account, after the session on those websites you probably left.

Now on your next return to those sites, Chrome 69 will auto detect you and automatically log you to the website without you manually putting your log in details again.

This means more assistance, but is it not more like a privacy invasion? Come to think of it, Chrome 69 virtually forces action on me, wether i like it or not.

I honestly think is not cool, it may seem cool and helpful, but on the other hand is an act of privacy invasion. You cannot force users to do what they are not interested in doing.

The way things are going right now, google might be collecting your browser history and storing them on its server and whenever you visit their sites, the servers detect you and quickly returns your details.

“Quotting JobMagic on twitter

More in an automated process. Even if you clear your browser history, your details are still stored. This will require you to manually log out.

If you are wondering how the automated log in process works, then we’ll show you how google automatically logs your accounts

§ There is one aspect of “Basic Mode”, the basic mode is a system that stores the information of users on the local machine or your computer local storage.

This includes the urls of sites you visited, images, text and other documents.

Remember that whenever you sign into your google chrome account on the Chrome 69 browser, your information is stored. So the login system accesses the information stored and retrieve them unto the auto log in system.

At first, we took it as a welcomed development. However we’ve found out that it is more like a privacy invasion than becoming a helpful feature.

If you wish to escape from this auto log in system, you would consider reinstalling the google chrome previous version which has an option to sign in. Or Continue reading below

The worst thing is google does not provide any form notification, notifying you of the auto login process, is more like a secret mission.

Okay, could the profile icon at the top corner of the Chrome 69 browser indicate that you are logged in? Even if it is, it is not noticeable. You cannot figure out if you are online or not.

The new Chrome UI is complete change from previous versions and will take time for users to get used to the new UI.

If you are wondering how to stop Chrome 69 auto log in, try these steps.

Step 1: Locate settings

Step 2: Navigate to chrome://flags/#account-

Step 3: Click on it, you will see “Identity consistency between browser and cookie jar”, then click on it to disable the auto log in system


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