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Ford Edge 2019: First Ford Vehicle To Include Driver Assistant Technologies


Ford Edge 2019: First Ford Vehicle to Include Driver Assistant Technologies

The ford driver assistant technology is a new technology introduced by Ford Motors to assist drivers when they should drive, stop and when to hit the brake. The driver assistant technology will help drivers on the road navigate with ease, the goal of this technology is to make driving more easier for drivers. This technology will be first lauched on the redesigned 2019 Ford Edge car. The driver assistant technology has features which include;

* Adaptive Cruise Control With Lane Centering.

* Cross-Traffic Alert.

* A Rear View Camera

* Adaptive Cruise Control With Forward Collision Warning and Brake Support.

* BLIS With Trailer Coverage.

*Adaptive Cruise Control With Lane Centering

The Driver assistant control is able to adapt to a cruise control taking your cruise to the next level, the way you never expected. To explore this, you should consider purchasing the rededigned Ford Edge 2019. It also has a lane detecting feature that auto detects the lane markings on a road, this feature helps your car centred on the road. This car is something you must not miss out on. I bet you, you’ll never regret it.

Cross Traffic Alert

It also features a Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) consisting of a traffic alert system to help drivers detect vehicles from the blind spot. The technology uses radar in the rear quarter panels when detecting vehicles entering the driver’s blind spot and alert’s the driver using an indicator light from the sideview mirror, an excellent technology in all. The cross traffic alert uses the radar to watch the traffic when the driver is leaving the parking spot or the drive way. It has has the ability to detect vehicles that are 15 yards away from you with an audible warning alongside a sideview mirror and a signaling message. We ain’t joking.


Available on the 2018 models like

* EcoSport Edge
* Transit Connect
* Focus
* Explorer
* Taurus
* C-MAX Hybrid
* Escape
* Flex
* Fusion
* Expedition

* Rear View Camera

The rear camera view shows vehicles behind you automatically on a display screen.

* Adaptive Cruise Control With Forward Collision Warning and Brake Support.

The cruise control take’s your cruise to the next level with a great driving experience you never expected. This feature enable’s the driver to select distance and speed from a vehicle in front. In cases where the traffic slows down, the car automatically slows down and when the traffic picks up it resumes the preset. It also alerts you on a potential collision with other vehicles and if the driver fails to realise the potential collision ahead, the brakes precharge and increase sensitivity, providing full responsiveness when you brake. This feature can also help in areas with high volume of traffic.

* BLIS With Trailer Coverage
This feature is designed to help in alerting the driver when another vehicle is detected on the blind spot of your truck and trailer. The feature signals the driver using the outside mirror when the blind spot detects a vehicle. It also provide a coverage for your vehicle.

The Ford Edge 2019 Edition will be the first Ford Vehicle to include Ford Co-Pilot360.


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