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Firefox Monitor Can Help You In Data Breach (Hacking)


Firefox Monitor Can Help You In Data Breach (Hacking)

Mozilla, the company behind the famous firefox browser has released the firefox monitor to help people after a data breach.

The internet world is vast and hackers are looking for various ways to get what they want. Whenever you visit some websites you are required to enter some personal informations like username and password and these personal informations you enter are vulnerable to been hijacked by hackers thereby resulting to data breach.

Imaging a scenario were you register for over five websites, and you are active on two, it becomes hard for you to track your personal informations on the remaining three websites.

This has triggered firefox to release the firefox monitor to help notify internet users on data breach. This is a free service by firefox that has been given the responsibility of notifying people whenever they are part of a data breach.

The mozilla team carried out a test on the project and was pleased with the success seen on during the test, which has made possible for the launch.

What it Offers

It feels bad to hear about data breach. Firefox monitor brings everything back to life by monitoring your accounts for you, giving you an opprtunity to keep track of any data breach that you’ve been involved in.

How To Monitor Any Data Breach Concerning You

Monitoring when you’ve been involved in any data breach has become easier thanks to Firefox Monitor, the new technolgy innovation by firefox.

Compared to the old times when it was difficult to find out when you are in trouble, firefox monitor is here to change the story for everyone on the internet. You love the internet? Yes but there other side effects that comes with it which is the issue of data breach.

We run an open internet however some peop use the opportunity to steal data and cause problems. Firefox monitor is here to change the story.

Here’s how you can protect yourself from data breach or hacking.

firefox monitor
How to Protect yourself from data breach – Firefox Blog

Step 1: Visit the fixefox monitor official site by clicking on Firefox Monitor Official Site (

Step 2: Type in your email address, then their database will scan it and give you feedback.

As soon as firefox monitor identifies that you are involved in a data breach, you will be notified about it.

It is always important to keep your password as a secret or a complicated password. As part of the process of protecting you from data breach, firefox monitor will send you a personal email informing you about it.

It is very important to remain safe as you make use of the internet, apply measures to protect yourself. Use Firefox Monitor.


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