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Facebook Steals, UEFI Attacked And Other Tech News Today


Facebook Secretive, UEFI hacked and other tech news today.

1. UEFI has been attacked

Today the UEFI software or the Unified Extensible Firmare Interface has been attacked with a malware called root kit.
Fancy bear, a hacking group from Russia that has been involved in several hacking cases has been suspected of carrying out the attack on the UEFI software.

We honestly do not know what they want from the UEFI software. They’ve been involved in several hacking activities over the past few years.

The virus has rooted deep into the UEFI system becoming difficult for the developers to detect its presence.

2. Discontinuation Of Skype Classic Has Been Postponed

People using skype classic after recent issue with microsoft, the company has haulted the discontinuation of the version 7 of the skype classic.

It is however expected that from november users of skype classic will be asked to move to the version 8 thus stopping the version 7. Skype classic 7 is taken by surprise, pretty short reign.

The version 8 will have a modern look with advanced features installed on it inorder to give users the best experience.

3. Vast Announces A New Hacking Bot

Vast has been talking tough on its IoT device known as Botnet. The developers highlighted that botnet is an advanced IoT Device malware programmed in such a way that, it can perform whatever you ask it to do for you.

E.g, if you ask the Botnet to hack systems it will do it for you by stealing information and data plus cryptocurrency minning.

However this might not be effective on softwares and web platforms with stronger security, but will be effective on platforms with weak security fixes.

4. Windows 10 Images Will See Optional Download On Windows 10 October Update

Windows 10 users were faced with the problem of downloading images with huge size. But thanks to the Windows 10 October update, Windows 10 images can now be downloaded on smaller sizes.

Downloading windows 10 images was a problem as users were presented with a big file consisting of 32bit and 64bit.

However the october update will see the introductiom of optional download that is to say images are now presented with a 32bit and 64bit separately, so that people can download the images on 64bit and 32bit separately.

The new update will be first available on windows 10 Enterprise before moving to other versions.

5. Facebook Uses Two Factor Authentication To Serve Ads.

Faceboook is at it again, for users using the two factor authentication system, it may interest you to know that facebook uses your phone number to serve Ads shown to you based on your location.

The two factor authentication system make’s it more safer thus protecting your account from potential hackers treat.

6. Vivodi Releases A New Version Of Its Browser

The company announced the release of its browser with V2.0 coming with lots of changes compared to previous versions.

Vivodi is creating ways to make you the boss by allowing you to customize the browser to your own taste. You can ckeck it out and see it for yourself.

7. Spotify To Crack Down On Users Breaking Its Rules

According to spotify, several users suscribe to the family plan and share it with their family and friends. The family plan is a less expensive plan on spotify.

However the company made an official statement citing that the family plan is for people residing on the same address.

Now they’ve started sending mass emails to users requesting for their GPS cordinance and defaulters may loose access to the service.


It is sad to see UEFi attacked by hackers but hopefully the developers will overcome treats from these hackers.

Facebook has been involved in data breach, using our phone numbers to serve ads is not an exception either.
Vivodi could change the way we use our browsers in the nearest future and spotify users are kind trying smarter ways to use the less expensive plan optimally, however it is not going down well with spotify owners.sitevanguard spotify


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