Electromagnetic Pulse Welding Introduces Cost Effective Manufacturing


Electromagnetic Pulse Welding Will Bring Cost Effective Manufacturing.

In the field of manufacturing, new inventions are always necessary. In a case were new innovations are not introduced, the work process might not be effectively carried out.

Every field in the industry requires new innovation and manufacturing is not left out.

JOIN’EM, a PRODUCT initiative started in 2015 was organised to inorder to create a case of joining materials of different kind with the use of Electromagnetic Pulse Welding.

In simple description, Electromagnetic pulse welding is the process that uses magnetic forces to weld two materials together.

The introduction of this method will improve the standard of manufacturing industries. Making work process much easier for manufactures.

Several industries interested in this will benefit to the fullest. The project uses natural materials like aluminium-copper,
aluminium-steel and
copper-steel. The combination of these materials will bring the much needed ease in work process for industries.

Manufactures spend alot during production, thus affecting the masses at the end. If manufacturers spend less during production, then the masses will aslo benefit.

The use of Electromagnetic Pulse Welding is a cost effective approach towards welding process. It is a cost efffective method of joining two materials, thus reducing cost during production.

Welding is required in several manufacturing industries like the car manufacturing plants, doors, trucks, heavy materials etc.

Importance Of Electromagnetic Pulse Welding For Manufactures

electromagnetic pulse welding

In our modern era, it is required to bring new innovations that will change the old ways the were used. The use of electromagnetic Pulse Welding will strongly eliminate several limitations that were limiting manufacturing industries, like welding dissimilar materials combination.

Electromagnetic Pulse Welding is done without heat, what is required is fluxes or shelding gas that produce no harmful smoke. This will eliminate negative impact of welding devices on industry staffs. Indsutry staffs are always faced with negative impact of some devices they make use of during work process.

· Developed 3 industrially relevant joints produced by EPW (connector bar for electrical applications, tube-to-tube & sheet-to-tube connection for heating and cooling applications); ·

Developed 3 full prototypic applications (tube and sheet metal connections for heating and cooling applications, sheet metal connections for electrical applications); ·
Improved part performance of at least 30% with regard to application relevant issues.

Implementing Electromagnetic Pulse Welding will give industries the ability to combine materials together with ease and averting some dangers faced during manufacturing.

With this, new applications will emerge and they can be applied in electrical fields such as heating and cooling, automotive and transport, white goods, air- conditioning etc.

The use of heat can increase the weight on produced materials, however implementing Electromagnetic Pulse Welding will go a long way to bring lightweight designs and improved performance.

Electromagnetic Pulse Welding will reduce power consumption in industries, gas emissions. Car manufacturing industries that embrace the EMW INNOVATION will benefit more as cars can be produced with fuel savings in mind.

weight reduction of 100 kg can result in fuel savings of about 300 to 800 litres over the vehicle lifetime as well as reducing CO2 emissions.


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