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Data Breach Puts Uber Under Heavy Fine


Data Breach Puts Uber On The Sword

Uber has been subjected to a fine of over $148 million as settlement on a data breach issue in 2016, an issue which uber has been accussed of doing it intentionally.

In recent times, some big tech companies have one way or the other recieved a fine for data breach. The fine is for settling the investigation carried out on the data breach case and is expected to be split across the 50 states of the including the capital city of Washington DC.

The investigation was carried out as a result of claims made that the company was hiding information about the stealing of 57 Million users information in 2016.

Hackers targeting big tech companies have witness some breakthrough which has raised huge concerns about the security level of these big tech companies.

The disclosure was later made by uber that it payed over $100,000 to hackers instructing them to destroy the stolen information in their custody.

Uber has agreed to develop a system and measures that will prompt its employees to report suspicious acts, scenes or behaviours. Uber also agreed to make a data breach notification system and hire third parties to handle its security issues. For data breach cases Firefox recently launched the FirefoxMonitor to help users with data breach issues.


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