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Artists Can Now Upload Songs On Spotify


Artist Can Now Upload Songs On Spotify

Spotify, a digital music streaming platform developed by Spotify Technology from sweden has long provided users with variety of song from different genres. Since its inception in 2008, artists were not allowed to upload songs unto the platform, the company run its contents on a DRM state from different record labels and media companies.

Before if you are an artist looking for a way to get your songs featured on the spotify platform, you will have to do so through your record label or you’ll have to go through media companies working with spotify team. However this has ensured the submission of valuable songs that users would like to listen to whenever they have the chance to do so.

As the year goes by, so the trends change. Rules are mean’t to be changed if the need arises, this has prompted Spotify to give artist the opportunity to freely upload their songs directly on the Spotify platform so that it can be listened to by users.
The Launch will help artist showcase what they’ve got with ease. Record label signs artist unto its platform with solely aim of making profits off the artist by covering some bit of rights some times it may be according agreement between the two parties.

With the laucnh of this feature, Artists will no longer rely on its record label to upload its songs dircectly unto the Spotify platform. However the feature has not yet been made available to all but only for a selected few although it is expected to expand and become available to everyone (Artist) using the spotify platform. Uploading of songs are placed on eligiblilty criteria, if an artist is elidgible to upload songs, he/she can set the release date of songs, stats as well as other features within the artist section.

The revenue share is among the artist and the Spotify developers. All artist that upload songs are expected to take as much 50% from the songs uploaded unto the platform thus helping artist both under a record label or an independent artist.

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What This Means For Independent Artists

¤ Make a good song
¤ Upload
¤ Reach the elidgibility criteria
¤ Share revenue at 50-50 rate
¤ Get as much as you can so longer as your song is good and gets users engagement.
The old way of uploading songs through the aid of record labels and media companies isn’t giving artist what they are supposed to earn. Thus decresing expected revenues.

With this, artist no longer rely on their record labels to upload songs. The best is, if artists wishes to make the most out of their songs, they should consider uploading instead as an independent artist. This move is best for both Spotify and artist thus improving artist revenues.

For artists, there is a completely new means of churning out revenues from each song they own featured on Spotify. What you need as an artist is to share your spotify account with your fans on Spotify so that they can easily find your songs. It is a two way thing

For Artist: Upload songs and get approval, then start making profits from your songs.

For Spotify: Create great songs, ensure it qualifies on our quality standard. You make your own while we make a cut from it. This move may bring about a massive migration from other music platforms to Spotify.


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