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Amazon Changing Online Shopping


Amazon Changing Online Shopping

Amazon is a US based e-commerce company dealing on online shopping of products and also sale of its very own products the echo devices, making the company the largest online store on planet.

Shopping through the internet can come in handy making it easier for you, but it also comes with some drawbacks that you may likely not get familier with if you fall in such situations.

The gains of online shopping is simple. It give’s you the opportunity to select products you like right from the comfort of your home or without the need to step into a shop whenever you want to make a new product purchase. It can be a life saver most expecially in cases where you far too busy with other personal stuffs.

Thus the avantages of the online shopping is realy interesting, however it has its own drawbacks like the Delivery of items you did not purchase, sometimes the company you shop with could deliver products items other than what you’ve purchased from their online store.

These are issues faced by people interested in online shopping. Sometimes you are made to pay for extra i.e a different set fee. Some may deliver the product to you and if it turns out to be the wrong product you have no choice than to pay extra for the re-shipping of your original product you


purchasing. These stories have continued up untill now.

But now the story has changed with Amazon stepping up to the occasion by covering everything you never expected. Now let’s paint a scenario, ” I live in Nigeria, and i ordered for a Viewsonic XG2703-GS from amazon, off course you know the distance between the US and Nigeria and if the product i’ve ordered from the US suffers some defect due to some circumstances, i am assured that Amazon will cover everything. Several US citizens have been enjoying it.

If you order for a product and recieved the wrong product, Amazon will provide you with the return label and return your previous shipping. But this may not end well with EU customers as they maybe required to cover all cost and reports suggest that amazon may exit the EU in march.

This is a big sign of improvement from Amazon but why not Walmart, ebay or Jumia Nigeria. Consumers right from various countries have to come and address the issue, i should get the value of what i pay for and not pay for the product i never recieved. It is painful to pay for extra when you’ve made a budget on what to buy.

Looking at it deeply, there are more shortfalls in online shopping ranging from digital payment failures, product failures and some quality issues.

Pretty simple, Amazon has stepped up towards addressing such issues. Now think again, a single issue on any part of amazon online store department will result into the loss of millions e.g if the Amazon website is been shutdown for any reason or whatsoever, the company will loose a huge amount even if the issue last for only an hour.
Amazon has shown to the rest of the world how big they are in addressing issues facing their customers. This step has proven to solve the problems customers have been facing over the years.


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