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Advanced Visual Search, Education And More Surfaces On Bing Search


Visual Search, Education & More Added To Bing Search.

Bing Search Engine has announced the addition of several features to its search platform, expected to be out this month.

In June 2018, the company added a visual search to allow users see what they’ve searched for however the company in its recent announcement stated that the visual search has been expanded to contain new features that will help users shop and learn more.

The new features added to bing search include a Text Transcription feature added to the visual search box plus a maths solver.
The math solving feature can assist students in solving mathematical problems.


The text transription feature will be added to the visual search to enable users copy text from their phone camera. Its amazing but you can do more with this feature, i don’t know if any search engine have such feature. More features include, the ability to call a phone number taken from a snapshot, you can add emails to your contact list etc.
It is amazing, ever wondered going into a restraunt and you saw a dish you cannot pronounce? Okay simply take a snapshot of the dish and tap on the menu then watch how bing image search will do the rest for you. We know google is by far the most popular search engine in the world except for some countries like China were Baidu seems to be in control of affairs, Baidu is a traditional search engine for chineese by chineese. Technology is growing year after year and other search engines are stepping up, apart from google, bing is the second search engine with lots of features and maybe considered as the second best search engine.

Bing Search Is For Education.

Bing has introduced a suite called the Math Solver to help parents and students solve mathematical problems with ease. Ever wondered solving a mathematical problem on the internet, how possible is it? Thanks to bing for the introduction of the Maths Solver, a complete set of tools for all your maths related problems. In additon to the Maths Solver the company also introduced a science and language suite to make learning easier and fun for both parents and their kids, students and academias. Students in higher institutions can take advantage of this to improve their eductional status taking it to the next level.

Bing Is For higher Learning Students “MATHS SOLVER”

Perfect for students facing tough mathematical problems, is a huge problem. Maybe you were given a take home assignment and you realize how tough the questions are. Well your maths problems are over. The maths solver was released on iOS last month and android users will get theirs soon. You can solve mathematical problems like calculus, yeah!! Its pretty simple just take a snapshot of the question, now wait for the steps below

Solving Maths Equation on bing search

Step 1: Take a snapshot of the mathematical question involved, be it calculus or general mathematics

Step 2: Tap the Math button located at the buttom Menu between “Auto and Barcode”

Step 3: Tap on it and wait for the results.

Step 4: As soon as the results has been displayed you can go through it. The answers are details and well explained with step by step approach. You see how amazing this is.

Bing Is For Faster Search ” Visual Search i.e Images.
You can search for anything on bing with ease thanks to Bing image search introduced to make life more easier. The new design allows you drag and drop your images fron your local storage directly into the Image search box.

American Sign Language Support.

Bing has introduced the sign language feature to allow everyone get equal treatment. The team at bing created over 159 videos of words and 13 phrases in American Sign Language.

The New NFL With Bing “Intelligent Answers for NFL”

Bing shifts focus to the National Football League covering every aspect of the game. Showing detailed stats on matches, games played etc.



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