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A Quick Preview On The New PixelBook PC



google next pixel book

A quick Preview On The New PixelBook PC

2018 has witnessed rapid and quickfire release of top gadgets like smartphones with enhanced capabilities and PC with high resolution display.

This year samsung unveiled its classic smartphone called the Galaxy Note 9, a smartphone optimized for gaming with high display, improved GPU, CPU plus better battery performance.

We also saw Apple release a set of budget friendly smartphones like the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR all with advanced features.

However these are not the only top highlights of the year as we are expecting more gadgets before the year comes to an end.

Today we take a sneek preview at the Next Pixelbook PC.

We are formally announcing to you guys that next month, October 9 to be precise, Google the big tech giants is going to have a Google event in New York City, US.

In case you may be thinking, october 9 is on a tuesday, that is some couple of days days away. On that event a new chromebox PC will be unveiled to the general public.

The new chromebook PC will have features well crafted by Google and if you are thinking about attending the event you might need an invite.

The surprising thing is people can actually see the chromium code, which we think is a mistake. But the code is open sourced. What is google really thinking about, with an open source code of its chromebox PC.

What this means is that you can just look for the code and see it for your self and that’s how all chrome operating systems has been alongside other devices running it including its functionalities.

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The Deal Captured And Esposed

So as it is an open source we’ve been able to find out that they have four different detachable keyboards each having its own code names. Its pretty amazing to have four different keyboards that can be detached.

The names of the keyboards include

1. Hammer Windge
2. Walabi
3. Wisker
4. Brydge

Brydge actually makes keyboard for apple iPad Pro and Surface Pro.

google next pixel book

The Next Google Pixelbook PC – Youtube

You can see how awsome it is for us tech enthusiast. How do you feel knowing the source code of device even before its launch.

Alright, what we reviewing today is a totally different chromebook PC. It is likely to be called a tablet owing to the fact that, it uses a detachable brydge keyboard.

What we know for a fact is that there are two different Brydges making upto two different keyboards for the Google Chrome Operating System.

The Brydges include USB and other type used on iPad allowing users slide to the two hindges.

Looking at it critically, it has renders of the keyboard, the lighting port is absent having a typical chrome Operating System screen rendered on it.

The power button of the chromebook is flat and the finger print sensor is expected to work properly on the chrome Operating System.

The Power button acts for two different purposes

1. Power ON/OFF
2. Finger Print Sensor

So what this simply means is that the power button acts as a finger print sensor.

More features include an Acoustic Echo Cancellation supporting two Microphones and some others by the side.

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The Pixelbook PC keyboard has a special key assigned for Google Assistant, Google Chrome Launcher Button, Hamburger Settings for chrome operating system.

The keyboard is certainly the best Google ushered in for the chromebook PCs.



Software Bug Responsible For Audi SUV Delay



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Software Bug Responsible For Audi SUV Delay

(Reuters) In a bid to step into the world of electric cars may have faced some obstacles but the company is not taking chances. Audi’s bid to launch its first Electricity based (Electric Car) cars faced an obstacle following a software bug.

The company initially planned on date for the launch however a new date will be choosen by the company so as to sort out the software issues and possibly fix them.

The spokesman of the company stated that the company require a regulatory clearance for a software that was modified during the development process.

Audi is making its way into electric cars having a feeling that they will succeed. Audi will face competition from Tesla and Uber, two giants and makers of electric cars.

The evolution of electric cars isn’t that fast. Automobile manufacturers are approachinng it step by step. Audi entrance could pave way for others however Apple Inc is planning on launching the Apple Car in 2023

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Floating Keyboard Now On Gboard Android App




Floating Keyboard Now On Android Gboard

Google has released a new update to its Gboard keyboard app. The new update is a floating keyboard feature that allows more easy navigation.

With the new update, users can now manually move the keyboard to any given location or desired position. Floating keyboard is not a new feature either, it has been there in several android keyboard apps. It only took google a lot of time to add the feature to the Gboard app.

Android is owned by google, but google isn’t doing its best to become the first in updates and feature addition to apps and services.

The new update brings alot of features like the ability to resize the keyboard layout.
The usual bootom position of the Gboard app is no longer needed. You can now move it to your desired location.

Gboard isn’t the best in terms of android keyboard apps but you can trust it for sure because google owns it and updates are guaranteed.

Google is a bit slow in the android game, other third party providers are far more ahead of google in some areas although google’s key focus is on android alone.

How To Use

Using the floating keyboard on the and Gboard app is very easy. You can do it by;

1. Tap on Menu at top left corner of your Gboard app

2. Select Floating keyboard option

3. You can move it anywhere

Resize Gboard

Hold any portion of the four corners of the app, then resize to any desired way.

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Photo Credit: Makeuseof

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Hwobi Wallet Now Supports 7 Stablecoins



Hwobi wallet has expanded its service by supporting over 7 stablecoins. The company took the decision to upgrade its service after more customers demanded for more services

With the new development, the Hwobi wallet now supports over 7 stablecoins.

The services now covered by Hwobi wallet includes TUSD,DAI, PAX, EURS, GUSD, and USDC. With this Hwobi wallet users can now access these services with ease.

Hwobi wallet, a well establish and professional multi chain wallet supporting over 7 stablecoins in the world.

Hwobi wallet has a dream, the dream of delivering better service to customers and better ease of access to several range of multi chains. Customers can choose from any according his/her choice.

Hwobi group the company behind the Hwobi wallet is a big name in the blockchain industry providing easy and secure trading and management system to users from different location.

Investing your money on trading platforms is risky, not only the trading system but the management system. The best you can do for yourself as a well established trader is to go for the right trading and managent system. – PRN

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