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2019 Ford Edge And Edge ST Uses AI To Reduce Fuel Usage



ford edge 2019
Photo: Ford

New Ford Cars Uses AI To Reduce Fuel Usage.

The new ford cars of 2019 model which includes the Edge ST, EDGE will usher in a new innovation called the all-wheel-drive disconnect, an innovation which is first of its kind in ford’s car manufacturing. The new technology will help in reducing the PMS or fuel usage of the car and also reduce traction on the car. The all-wheel-drive disconnect is a type of technology that auto disconnects switches between two weels and all-wheel-drive with the aid of an AI system to help in processing informations like the speed of the vehicle, the condition of the road, the outside temperature etc. The new Ford Edge and the Ford Edge ST will help you reduce the fuel consumption rate of your vehicle plus added functionalities like exhaust gas recirculation, deceleration fuel shutoff and many more. The 2019 model Ford Edge was designed with features like ability to reduce the PMS or fuel consumption rate, detecting the condition of the road you are driving on wether it is a good road or a bad road.

Other features include all-wheel-drive disconnect, a system that uses AI according to information it recieved from several high tech sensors plus the ability to determine in fraction between two wheels.

“According to Ford driveline applications supervisor, Scott Beiring, The concept is pretty simple, it was the execution that was the challenge, Shifting between two- and all-wheel drive needs to be fast and seamless enough that the customer doesn’t know it is happening.”

The Artificial Intelligence system works on recieving information from sensors found on the vehicle. It features an algorithm known as fuzzy logic. Fuzzy logic system produce acceptable but definite output in response to incomplete, ambiguous, distorted, or inaccurate (fuzzy) input. (Tutorialspoint).

Mordern tech vehicles burn lots of fuel in the process of delivering comfort to owners. However in the 2019 Ford vehicles the case is different, featuring a standard all-wheel drive and a 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost engine. The vehicle has an estimated economic rating of 19 mpg city/26 mpg highway/21 mpg. This means less fuel consumption. Let us take a detailed look at the fuel saving features:

1. New 8-speed automatic transmission: ford team introduced a two overdrive gears, a feature brought to solve the high rate Revolution Per Minute (RPM) of the engine thereby decreasing the fuel consumption rate of the vehicle.

2. Exhaust gas recirculation: the technology was added with the aim of reducing the harmful emissions from the engine plus increased throtling.

3.Standard Auto Start-Stop: Standard ATS aims at shutting the engine of the vehicle during stops with auto restart of the engine as soon as the driver releases the brake pedal. In this process it saves more fuel.

4. Active transmission warm-up

5. Deceleration fuel shut-off: when the vehicle reduces in speed, it stops the flow of fuel to the engine. Another way of reducing fuel consumption.

Ford has lots in stock for you, if your plan is to save fuel consumption, then trust me you should consider purchasing the 2019 model.

The Ford Edge and Edge ST are expected to arrive in showrooms later this month

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