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2018 iPhone Series To Arrive Sprint This Month




2018 Iphone Series To Arrive Sprint This Month.

The 2018 Iphone series smartphone will arrive the US network providers on september 21 with the remaining arriving late in october 26. It is no longer news that Apple Inc unveiled new smartphones to the market which got widespread commendations by Apple Fans plus added criticism by Apple critics for releasing the same old thing. You can still trade your old iPhone X smartphone to purchase the new iPhone 2018 models. The new smartphones include the iPhone XS, Iphone XS Max and iPhone XR plus a smartwatch that has the ability to monitor your heartbeat rate thanks to latest hardware and software implementation by Apple Inc, a company looking towards changing the technology industry in the nearest future. Sprint, a telecoms company operating in the US has issued a statemant to its customers that it will offer the new iPhone smartphones with advanced features to them with special offers. Sprint made it known to its customers that each device comes loaded with a special offer.

The company stated that for a period of two weeks, customers can get the 2018 iPhone XS for as low $0 per month which comes with an eligible trade-in plus Sprint Flex Lease. Customers interested in the iPhone XS Max can get it at a low price of about $4.17 per month including a Sprint Flex Lease with an eligible trade-in. Sprint wants to make its customers happy and satisfied, interested customers can log on the official website of Sprint and locate the section for the iPhone XS and Max plus the Smartwatch 4 series.

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I dont know what to say but it looks like Apple Inc is kind of getting tough times in market share, you can see that the Iphone X smartphone has witnessed a significant drop in price, alot has been said about this, some smartphone manufacturers are doing their best in their own ways to produce smartphones that can rival the iPhone Smartphones at an affordable price, that been said, OnePlus is also in fight to produce smartphones capable of challenging the Iphone Smartphones. The question lies would you by the 2018 iPhone Smartphones or not? Okay wait and read the major upgrades available.


In the history of Apple Inc, the 2018 iPhone smartphones are the most Advanced smartphones produced by the company, a smartphone which has a look at future of our ever growing technology, these smartphones constitute both retina displays of 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch, an improvement in HDR photos, the two models iPhone XS and Max comes with an improved dual cameras for a distint photo and video experience with a longer life battery to keep you going all the time. The two smartphone has a network commectivity in a Gigabit Class LTE Technology offering fast downloads and surfing.

Though some folks may have criticised the high screen resolution however it is a perfect match for gamers who require devices with high resolution. The two smartphones are dual sim compatible.

The iPhone XR smartphone will arrive Sprint on october 26, a smartphone featuring latest hardware and software innovation to people. More features include;
¤ 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display
¤ Aluminum design
¤ All-screen glass
¤ A12 Bionic with next-generation Neural Engine.
¤ Fast Face ID.

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The Apple smatwatch 4 come redisgned, it will help you stay up and running improving your health status with features capable of monitoring your heartbeat rates. The new look saw a more thinner outer shell with a larger display plus advanced features running on the watchOS 5. The smartwatch can improve your health status thanks to the introduction of accelerometer and gyroscope, to help detect hard falls. Sprint a fast network connectivity network who recently announced its massive MIMO 5G technology in partnership with Samsung Electronics offers more opportunities to customers with its fast network connectivity. According to PCmag and Oakla 2018 Fastest Mobile Network report, Sprint has the fastest and most telecom provider with lots of improvments.




Software Bug Responsible For Audi SUV Delay



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Software Bug Responsible For Audi SUV Delay

(Reuters) In a bid to step into the world of electric cars may have faced some obstacles but the company is not taking chances. Audi’s bid to launch its first Electricity based (Electric Car) cars faced an obstacle following a software bug.

The company initially planned on date for the launch however a new date will be choosen by the company so as to sort out the software issues and possibly fix them.

The spokesman of the company stated that the company require a regulatory clearance for a software that was modified during the development process.

Audi is making its way into electric cars having a feeling that they will succeed. Audi will face competition from Tesla and Uber, two giants and makers of electric cars.

The evolution of electric cars isn’t that fast. Automobile manufacturers are approachinng it step by step. Audi entrance could pave way for others however Apple Inc is planning on launching the Apple Car in 2023

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Floating Keyboard Now On Gboard Android App




Floating Keyboard Now On Android Gboard

Google has released a new update to its Gboard keyboard app. The new update is a floating keyboard feature that allows more easy navigation.

With the new update, users can now manually move the keyboard to any given location or desired position. Floating keyboard is not a new feature either, it has been there in several android keyboard apps. It only took google a lot of time to add the feature to the Gboard app.

Android is owned by google, but google isn’t doing its best to become the first in updates and feature addition to apps and services.

The new update brings alot of features like the ability to resize the keyboard layout.
The usual bootom position of the Gboard app is no longer needed. You can now move it to your desired location.

Gboard isn’t the best in terms of android keyboard apps but you can trust it for sure because google owns it and updates are guaranteed.

Google is a bit slow in the android game, other third party providers are far more ahead of google in some areas although google’s key focus is on android alone.

How To Use

Using the floating keyboard on the and Gboard app is very easy. You can do it by;

1. Tap on Menu at top left corner of your Gboard app

2. Select Floating keyboard option

3. You can move it anywhere

Resize Gboard

Hold any portion of the four corners of the app, then resize to any desired way.

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Hwobi Wallet Now Supports 7 Stablecoins



Hwobi wallet has expanded its service by supporting over 7 stablecoins. The company took the decision to upgrade its service after more customers demanded for more services

With the new development, the Hwobi wallet now supports over 7 stablecoins.

The services now covered by Hwobi wallet includes TUSD,DAI, PAX, EURS, GUSD, and USDC. With this Hwobi wallet users can now access these services with ease.

Hwobi wallet, a well establish and professional multi chain wallet supporting over 7 stablecoins in the world.

Hwobi wallet has a dream, the dream of delivering better service to customers and better ease of access to several range of multi chains. Customers can choose from any according his/her choice.

Hwobi group the company behind the Hwobi wallet is a big name in the blockchain industry providing easy and secure trading and management system to users from different location.

Investing your money on trading platforms is risky, not only the trading system but the management system. The best you can do for yourself as a well established trader is to go for the right trading and managent system. – PRN

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