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Xiaomi Retains Leadership Of Smartphone Growth in Q2 Of 2018



Xiaomi Retains Leadership of Smartphone Growth in Q2.

India’s IDC reports that, smartphone companies shipped over 33 million units into the india market space in the second quarter of 2018. IDC looks at it from the high pressing of both online and offline activities by top vendors aimed at promoting their brands.

Following the IDC report, major smartphone vendors made the headline while marginalizing the smaller vendors. The top 5 smartphone made up to 79% of the total share. The major headline maker, Xiaomi remained top by growing an online presence coupled by a strong offline activity. According to the IDC, Xiaomi alone contributed over 56 % online and 33 % offline.

*The Offline And Online Share*

Huawei technologies climbed the second spot in the online space with the use of its honor branded smartphones with a total share of 8% which was seen has an all time high. India’s IDC has seen Huawei technologies as a serious player in the indian market share well enough to challenge the likes of Samsung Electronics and Xiaomi. Some other brands which has switched focused more on their online presenceinclude

*Asus (With Zenfone Max Pro Series)

*OnePlus (With OnePlus 6)

*Realme (With Realme 1)
All of these led to an annual online channel shipments of 44% and taking an online presence of 36%.
Vivo drove the offline segment with high shipments which was coupled with the launch of V9 with an ad campaing of movie star Amir Khan, the title sponsorship in Indian Premier League cricket. The offline schemes has grown as high as $167 in in 2018 from a previous high note of $157 in 2017. Despite the ever growing popularity of smartphones, the feature phones contributed a total of 44 million units in 2018

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