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Upgrade To Google One For More Storage Benefits



Why you should upgrade to google One.

Google recently introduced Google One, Simply useful plan to help users with more and more expanded storage and get more out of google. For some time now google drive users have started migrating to the google one platform. Users with google drive paid plan can easily upgrade to Google One and enjoy high storage benefits for files, documents etc. Google drive has been there for years and the introduction of Google One with expanded memory may over take google drive’s user base. Starting from today August 15, users in the U.S can now migrate to the Google One Platform.

The Google One platform offers more storage to cater for all your storage needs. Ranging from your Gmail, photos, documents. You can do whatever thing you wish to do with the abundance of storage space, you can move all your files across various devices and put them on your Google One storage. Google has improved on the pricing and have also added new plans so you can choose from what’s best and suitable for your needs.

On Google One, you can easily get in touch with google experts to answer your questions on issues and general guidlines for use. In cases of loss of files, the supprt team can assist you with the recovery process.

Google One Offers more benefits for users like, giving out credits to users Google Play and hotels deals found in Google Search. Google will add more benefits to Express and Google Store in the coming months. With Google One, you can share your plan with five freinds or family members. The Google One platform is expected to be rolled out in other countries in next few weeks.
(Photo: Google Blog)

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