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Twitter Lite Can Help You Out



save data with twitter

You Can Save Your Mobile Data With Twitter Lite
Twitter Lite is a simple data saving twitter app developed by Twitter Inc, to help reduce mobile data consumption. The App allows you to see the latest tweet feed, news sports etc. Twitter Lite has features like night mode, improved notifications, real time updates, Bookmarks, 280 characters, the app loads quickly even on smartphones using 2G networks. A lightweigt, fast app with smoot scrolling and good for low end budge friendly smartphones.

save data with twitter

Photo: Google Images

The app is the number one option for twitter users with low budget smartphones, the app has been saving data for users on a daily basis e.g a user with 500MB data bundle spends 5 hours online on standy save’s over 475MB of data, a plus for users that wish to minimize their mobile data usage. It has an option to open audio and video files in an awsome manner. The twitter Lite app shows all your notifications fast and accurately, option to add GIFs, and can also upload photos to your twitter timeline, retweet. The app requires less storage space on your device with a size of 3MB.