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Top 5 Android Games You Should Play This Week (August 20-25)



android games you should play
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Top 5 Android Games You Should Play This Week.

This is a start to our ever green game listing section. In this section, we shall give you a round up of the top 5 games you should play to keep your self engaged. We are set and will continue to give you a roundup of the top games on a weekly basis. You check us out on every Tuesday of the new week to get list of entaining games you should play. This games where carefully selected and rated based on comments from various game geeks. In our list this week are games that will surely increase your gaming interest and will be favoured by android users with larger screens.
Here are the round up of the top five android games you should play this week.

1. Need For Speed No Limits

Need for speed no limit is a popular game by Electronic Arts.
Need for speed lets you Race for dominance in with your competitors. it has a wide range of cars you can choose from and customize them the way you like. It has controls like a pedal and a standard steering wheel. You can choose from different races.
As you are racing, never look back because anyone can overtake and win the race. To ensure a successful race, try to give your competitors huge gap, make a drift and try to make a balance with police on your tail, do not take chances as every line on the map counts

2. Madden NFL Football

Do you love the NFL, Or maybe you are not a fan. This games shows the way NFL is played for real human. It is an exact simulation of the game which comes packed full with tournaments, cup competitios and a normal NFL season. You Become the GM of your any franchise football team you choose from. You can also Train with the best teams. Compete in various tournaments, win the Super Bowl, stay up to date with the real NFL, you can also play in career mode of current NFL football icons.

Try to dominate in the weekend tournaments and prove yourself and rule rivals in all-new Tournaments. To Earn tickets, you have to go through hard challenges through the week, the more challenges the more chances you get to climb up on the leaderboard.

3. Hungary Shark Evolution

Hungry shark game lets you control a shark that is very hungry and ready to eat anything on his part. You have full control over the shark, to survive you have to eat everything and everyone that comes your way.
Explore the underwater world filled with delicious and exotic creatures! You can Collect and evolve iconic sharks like the Great White, Hammerhead and Megalodon. Remember to eat any creature you see or else your life may end.

4. Last Day On Earth: Survival

According to the game Last Day on Earth is set in a post apocalyptic. In the 2027 the whole world saw an outbreak of an infection unknown to humans that destroyed almost all the humans on Earth. The dead human rose up and turned into zomebies trying to attack the survivors. Your role as a player in the game is to ensure your own survival first by eating to stay healthy, create weapons and defeat intruders in your land, create traps to stop zombies or go out to raid survivors. A game you should play

5. Into The Dead

Trip through the zombie end of the world in a race to spare your family. Arm yourself with an armory of great weapons and take the necessary steps to survive.

Harm, cut down, and slaughter the Dead – anything to keep moving! In our current reality where nobody is protected, how far will you go to make it out alive? Into the Dead 2 is collaborating with Panthera, a philanthropy devoted to wild feline preservation, to encourage spare the world’s wild tigers.

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