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The Worst News We’v Ever Heard About Android, New Pixel Found In Russia



the worst news we'v ever heard about android

The Worst News We’ve Ever Heard About Android, New Pixel Found in Russia

1. Google Secretly Collects Users Data.

Study has revealed that google is secretly collecting users data – Tech News

New studies have indicated that our Android smartphones are stealing our data. However the research never went well with Google upon hearing it, officials at google claims that the research is simply misleading. The new study laid emphasis on how google is collecting the data of Android smartphone users. As smartphone users go about their daily activities and of course their smartphones are even involed in the process, their data’s are some how collected secretly. According to Douglas C. Schmidt, a Vanderbilt professor, who conducted the research found out that data the tech giants collects data on users activities like Music they listen to, data from Maps tracking the location of the user. A study which was commisioned by the by Digital Content Next, a trade group that represents digital publishers. Knowingly or unkowingly the use of certain apps like maps on your smartphone, there are hidden ways that google uses to track you and collect your information. According to the study the google chrome browser is more involved in the data hijacking. The study further reveals that a user using his google chrome browser running in background mode is constantly sending location information for over 240 times in a day which balances a total of 14 times information sharing during the day. The report has not gone down well with Google who challenged the study made by scmidt. Google’s represebtative issued a statement which state’s that there is no surprise that it contains wildly misleading information.” Study was commisioned by DC lobbyist group and was written by a witness for Oracle. For some time now Oracle and Google has been in a fierced copyright battle amounting to over $9 billion from the use of java in the Android Operating System. The study by scmidt further revealed the ability of Google to connect data collected from android smartphone users with its advertising tools DoubleClick and ID Cookie. Honestly we don’t know why google collects users data, maybe it is for providing a good experience on the use of its product by users or for a different reason, that we can’t justify for now. There where also qestions asking why Google should collect users data through the use of WiFi hotspots and bluetooth devices even when they are not in use or in offline mode. There where also calls last week by Associated press who found out that google services and iphones track users and store their data.


At least you are now aware of the data snooping by big tech giants, caution should be applied to your dailiy use of apps, and authorizing app data access should be reduced.

2. Leaks In Russia Shows Google’s Next Major Release Of The Google Pixel snartphone – Tech News

new pixel leak found in russia

Leaks in russia has given strong indications that google is planning a next major release of a new pixel smartphone, The leaks was seen in Telegram instant messaging platform. The snartphone may be laucnched soon and may come shipped with the Android 9 Pie new update which has AI and machine learning abilities. Not much info has been provided on the new smartphone, release date and specification. The smartphone may rival the upcoming arrival of apple’s smartphones. Google Pixel 3 XL will be realesed on october 4. The new leaks was found a russin blog Rozetked.


Android 9 Pie was released some weeks ago, all features of the Android 9 Pie may be incorporated in the new smartpone, Android 9 Pie has AI and Machine learning abilities thus helping you and your business.
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