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Recent Facebook Messenger Update Creating Bad Chat Experience




Recent Facebook Messenger Update Creating Bad Chat Experience.

Recently released facebook messenger update is not going down well with most android smartphone users, the app has been unstable for some users lately. For some users on the android platform, the messenger app keeps on updating itself and it may happen approximately 4 times in a week which can be so annoying. The app also shuts down automatically during a chat sesseion, inability to see photos sent to friends and regular pop ups. Should we say that messenger requires a new redesign? Or a major shake up, maybe time will tell but should we keep on experiencing these bugs, i dont think so messenger has grown so popular and is not supposed to be creating bad chat experience. We all know that facebook has the highest user base in the social media world and as such it is supposed create a nice chat experience for users. The recent update only addressed the notification bar issues. If you are experiencing such issues you can exercise little patients while the developers make changes to fix this issues. Hopefully there will be fix updates within the next couple of days.
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