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Mozilla Firefox New Look Make’s You Browse Faster



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Firefox New Look Can Make You Browse Faster

Following series of update in recent times the firefox browser has been revamped to make browsing easier for you. With the introduction of the firefox quantum your web pages now load 2x faster than other browser like Google Chrome, Microsfot Edge etc. In fact the introduction of Firefox Quantum has made other browsers become obsolate. You need to install firefox on your device to experience the new look of Mozilla firefox browser with features that has dintinguised firefox among other competitors as the new leader in the use of modern technology to render web pages, load time.

The browser is built with a super powerful engine for rapidfire performance, a new technnology that uses less computer memory with better and fast page load time. It also features a gorgeous view to give you an impressive browsing experience packed with smart and advanced features, the Firefox Quantum has to turned firefox into a minimalist browser, and what that means is simply making the browser load web pages more quickly than before. The old times of waiting for webpages to load are over thanks to Quantum. Firefox browser is 30% lighter than google chrome browser, thanks to Quantum. The new engine allows you to switch between tabs easily and faster than before. The features of Firefox Quantum includes;

¤ Screenshot

You can take screen shots of webpages easily without any complications and you can share the screenshots you’v taken directly from the firefox browser, there is no need to manually search for your screenshots in Local storage.

¤ Gaming and VR

This is an amazing feature found on firefox, honestly i don’t think other browsers contain this feature. It has built in support for WASM and WebVR. There is no need for you to install them manually
¤ Pocket

You can save files and use them later like videos and pages

¤ Library

In library you can see all files saved from pocket, bookmarks, screenshots, downloads, browsing history etc.

Other Features include;

¤ Private Browsing

A private tab that let’s you browse anonymously without getting tracked, history.

¤ Tracking Protection

Denys online bots, AD bots from tracking you.

¤ Faster Page Loading

Your pages loads faster upto 2x with the Quantum engine.

Firefox is available for download accross different platforms include

¤ iOS
¤ Android
¤ Windows OS
¤ macOS.

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