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How Do I Connect My Android Phone To My Xbox One. See Guide



xbox one controller

How do I connect my Android phone to my Xbox one? See Guide.

How to connect your android phone to xbox One Controller.

I hope this guide will help you to know the steps involed in connecting your Xbox one controller to your android smartphone device.

Hello guys i can tell that it is easy to connect your android smartphone to your Xbox One device, so many android users may one want to think that performing this task will be impossible, however i want to tell you that you can connect your Xbox One Device to your android smartphone. Alright let us proceed. Now upon the the release of the Xbox one controller, microsoft started adding adding bluetooth features to the Xbox One controller.

The Xbox one device is a gaming controller mainly for pc users, we all know and do not need to be introduced on this, luckily for us we can now connect our android smartphones to Xbox One controller. Now to ensure that this thing work, look for an Xbox One controller that is bluetooth compatible, if your controller does not have bluetooth you can purchase the newer version of Xbox One S and X from microsoft store or from a store close to you.

On Amazon you can purchase it with $59.95, Walmart $53.99, ebay $32, you can choose from any store and purchase one. Next you’ll need an android smartphone that will be compatible with Xbox One controller. I suggest you try out smasung smartphones because it has proven to us that it handle the process smoothly. This was made possible via Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft and Oculus, the partnership is geard towards providing an overwelming experience for Gear VR users. Other smartphones that can work include Vodafone, LG smartphones. Its easy but you’ll need to have an android smartphone that can handle it and an Xbox one controller that is compatible with bluetooth radios. Now here are the step by step guide on how to connect and Xbox One controller to an Android Smartphone.
Ok let’s proceed and please ensure to follow the procedures carefully, don’t skip a step, i’m sure if you pay close attention you’ll get it.

xbox one controller

Step 1: Bring Up your Xbox One device and keep it on a table or a comfortable place.

Step 2: Power On Your Android Smartphone if it is down.

Step 3: Now Turn on your Android smartphone, press the Home button, when the dashboard pop up, swipe on Setting Tab, locate your bluetooth icon and turn it on.

xbox one power on

Photo: Trustedreviews

Step 4: Turn to your Xbox One controller, to turn On the Xbox One controller, hold the power button and turn it on.

Step 5: Again on your controller try to find the Sync or Synchronization Button placed at the top left corner. Hold it for some seconds and once you see the light blinking you can release the button

Step 6: Turn to your android smartphone as we are about to connnect it with the controller.

Step 7: If your Phone is one Idle Mode, tap on it, Go to your bluetooth icon, you can just long press the home button which shows available tasks, then click on the bluetooth icon.

Step 8: Click to scan and check for bluetooth devices, ensure the controller is turned on and working properly.

xbox pairing

Photo: Microsoft Support

Step 9: Once the controller is detected, tap on Pair tab to pair the two devices together. Remember this may not work well with all android phones however if your smartphone is compatible, the connection mode will appear on your smartphone screen.

Step 10: Test run it by starting up your favourite games, play and enjoy the moment while it last. Do not panic if your smartphone is not compatible with the Xbox One controller, you can borrow a friends Smasung Smartphone and try it out.
I Really wish if the Xbone One controller can work with all android devices. if the pair works you can play your favourite games like Minecraft, Sea Of Thieves, Mortal Combat BombSquad, fortnite and many more. The connection works well with Samsung Smartphones and i bet you will you never forget the super controls on your screen. You can also check for games that are compatible with bluetooth. You can check us out every tuesday of the new week to get the best android games you should play throughout the week, our game listing section shows you games as per user decription and reviews.

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