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Hi3G selects Ericsson to develop transport network for 5G in Denmark



5G network

Hi3G has selected Ericsson operating as 3 in Denmark, the company has selected ericsson to modernize to modern their transport system with routers able to run 5G network

The new IP Mobile Backhaul transformation project will see the implementation of Router 6000 hardware, software and support to customers ( which is part of Ericsson Radio System). The implementation of this project will prepare Hi3 3G for future 5G network requirements. The implementation will certainly the number of devices connected. This will expand Ericsson’s partnership with Hi3G, every aspect of the project will begin at the end of 2018. Hi3G has already featured in Ericsson’s MINI-LINK product portfolio, which shares management system with Router 6000 series.

According to Kim Christensen, Network Director, 3 Denmark, says: “We are looking forward to continuing our good partnership and relationship with Ericsson with state of the art transmission equipment. This is the next step into the 5G era.”

(Photo: TechRadar)

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