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Hackers Are Targeting Your Smartphone For Cryptocurrency Minning



hackers are targeting your smartphone for cryptocurrency minning
Photo: CNBC

Hackers Are Targeting Your Smartphone To Mine Cryptocurrencies.

Minning cryptocurrencies on smartphones may be very dangerous, the minning apps can make your smartphone to overheat and you know that excess heat on your smartphone poses high risk to the lifespan of the smartphone. Overheating can damage the tiny chips running your smartphones. Most smartphone users do not know the implications of overheating smartphones, okay sometimes your smartphone overheats, slows down and a sudden battery runout occurs, this is a result of crypto coin minning by hackers who steal your smartphone data. Are you surprised, now do you know that whenever you browse the internet your browser sends request to the webpage to retrieve the information on that webpage, now hackers use several means to install malware or software worms, trojans on smartphones and use these malware codes to mine cryptocurrencies. These malware codes slows down and drain your battery fast. Maybe you’v experienced it before but have no clue about the cause. It is always advised to install Antivirus software on your smartphone to help resolved these issues. The process of hijacking your smartphone is carried out by trapping a smartpone, internet server to install the malware codes to mine cryptocurrencies. Crypto currencies have become so popular in first world countries as business owners and traders use them as means of making payments, in case you may be wondering about the term crypto minning, it simply the process carrying out transactions in various ways of crypto currencies and they are verified and added to the blockchain bank. The Blockchain bank is the central block where bitcoins are stored, the bank is resistive to modification which make’s sure your cryptcoins are kept safe.

Cryptocurrency miners require more processor power, storage available so that they can earn. Getting these requirements are not easy to which has resulted to data hijacking by hackers, they now use your smartphone as a processing power alongside other smartphones they could trap the data. They mine several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, zcash and these cryptocurrencies are profitable to mine. Serious minded miners will make use of computers with higher capacity to mine and make profit for themselves. If you aim to make profit minning cryptocurrencies you should be ready to make huge investments on it, and you should never relent on them.
The desperate way of making excess profit has led to the use of data trapping by hackers to use smartphones as part of minning computer power. These worms or trojans are hidden in some thirdparty apps you install on some webpage on the internet also the websites you visit can manipulate some cookies infected with worms into your smartphone. Some researchers has found out that some games where scretly minning cryptocurrencies for hackers, the games you play online can also contain these worms. You may not know but we have to face the fact, the apps you install contain worms that hackers use and this is very popular among video games, we’v also found out a game installed on Google Play containing trojans and this game was scretly minning cryptocurrencies for hackers. The trend is growing rapidly and as a smartpohne user you should be very cautious about the games you play and the apps you install from some thirdparty developers or owners.

Minning is a serious issue that slows downs smartphone, so if you experience such it may be as a result of minning on your smartphone by hackers using trojans they secretly installed on your smartphone, this can also damage your smartphone for good. Android OS is the major target by these hackers. As a smartphone user you are completely unaware of this trend. This hijacking is currently ongoing on Android OS, iOS may not be affected too much because apple takes time to scrutinize apps submitted to their data base for inclusion into the iTunes App Store.

You can prevent this from happening to your smartphone by protecting it, you can use these steps to protect your phone from being used by hackers to mine cryptocurrencies

Step 1: Ensure you install an Antivirus software on your smartphone,

¤ Android OS users you can Install Avast Mobile Security.
¤ iOS users you can install Avira Mobile Security.

Step 2: Ensure you update your smartphone Operating System to the latest version.

For android users, instead of using Android 4.2 try upgrading to 6.0 or 7.0 or Android Pie 9.
For iOS users, try upgrading to iOS 11. Beware of the games you play and the apps you install.

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