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Google Track Users, Facebook Hires.. These And Other Tech News



Google Track Users, Facebook Hires, This And Other Tech News Today.

1. (Tech News) Google Tracks Users Location when notification is turned off

Google has reportedly tracking users who turn their notifications off, according to the report by Associated Press. The issue has angered US law makers. Google responded to the claim by saying they made all their tools available for use and gave an option to turn them off. According to this study, google create a snap shot of users whenever they open app, auto update on weather according to the user’s location and searches that do not correlate with the user’s activity or location. By default, google turned on a tool called a Web and App activity that hides the data off the user’s location. If diasbled, google cannot store information generated during searches.

2. (Tech News) Facebook Hires Vidpresso Team.

Vidpresso, a startup company which focuses on live streaming and social broadcasting activities has been hired by social media giants facebook, a deal which was announced on the official website of vidpresso. After the deal was announced, the vidpresso team was quoted saying ” We are happy to join facebook, we will focus on helping broadcasters and publishers create good experiences and enabling world class stream on facebook.

Vidpresso focuses on social live streaming with interactive elements now focusing of facebook live. Facebook Live is a vedio streaming service owned by facebook which allows users to connect with friends and family and grow audiences. Vidpresso’s existing users will now have access to the facebook live platform. Vidpresso, a fast growing startup company which has raised over US$120,000 according Crunchbase.

3. (Tech News) Nvida realeases a new Chip for film makers.

Nvida released a new chip for film makers on monday. The goal of the new chip is to make movie makers take their business to a new level. The new chip is known as Turing named after Alan Turing a british scientist.

The new chip has the ability to trace light rays and how they will bounce around visual scenes. According Nvida, the new chip will make movie makers make changes in real time which can speed up work process

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