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Google Pixel User’s May Wait A Little Bit Longer Before Upgrading To Android 9 Pie



android9 now rolling out on google pixel

Google Pixel Users Please Don’t Upgrade To Android 9 Pie Yet.

Google Pixel smartphone owners should be patient for some time before deciding to upgrade to the latest Android Pie, it is adviseable that you wait a little longer before you make the move to upgrade to the new Android 9. Reasons being that several users furious are about the malfunctioning rapid charging functionality on the pixel smartphone. The complain made by some users was that, the malfunctioned hardware was mainly faced by users of the original Google Pixel XL, the issue also occured on the smaller Pixel smartphones. Some users said, when the problem surfaced they where clueless and not knowing what do so they resulted in changing multiple chargers which did not yield any good result for them. Some time ago, Google was notified about this problem and the tech giants responded issuing a statement describing the issue and a note referring the bug isssue to its core engineers for fix.

Google however insisted that the original charger that came along with the smartphone never showed the flaw that some users complain about. We advise that you wait a little longer untill the issue is fixed by google. Folowing a long awaited release of the Android 9 Pie Operating System by Google, several smartphone manufactures has been making the headlines lately and it is expected that four to five new smartphones may be unveild by top smartphone manufacturers before the end of 2018. Let’s take a closer look at the Android 9 Pie recent release and some features that came along with it.

The Android 9 Pie OS came with AI functionality with machine learning capabilities.

Android 9 Pie is sixteenth version of the android operating system Launched on August 6, 2018. Google first announced the the New update on march 2018.

Features like;

*Quick Setting Menu with new look UI

*Battery Saver icon location change

*New way for app i.e switching between two apps
*New volume slider located close to volume location on physical hardware

*Improved adaptive brightness.
It adapts to how users uses their phones with added ease in navigation.
Anroid Pie comes with a dashboard that shows all your task open in the background. In the coming days and months, major smartphones will be recieving the new update.
(Photo: Android Blog)

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