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Google Announces 10 Startups For Demo Day Asia 2018



demo day asia

Googles involvement in Asia has since gone a long run, the companies desire on investing in asia has grown my stronger. The company made an open call inviting startup companies to apply for its demo pitch an event set to be held in the chineese city of Shangai in september. The Demo Day Asia will bring to gether startup companies to top global investors. In response to the open call by google, several startup companies applied to be part of the demo day asia event. According to Google’s official blog, the startup companies that made the application include startup companies from the Asia Pacific region, companies from different diverse industries including health care, agriculture and entertainment. The application, google recieved over 300 application from startup companies aiming to be part of the event. Eventually the team and organizers of the event after much delibration and selection of application of companies deemed fit and qualified, the 10 startup companies where eventually selected. The startup companies expected to take part in the Demo Day Asia event in September this year in Shangai includes;

1. Sky Magic. A singaporean startup company that produces drone swarming for live tech and traffic management systems.

2. GITAI. A japaneese startup company whoose focus is on developing robots that can assist scientist in space missions.

3. SigTuple. A startup company from India whoose primary focus in on creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solution to automate health care screening.

4. Freight Exchange. A startup company from Australia which specialises on freight carries based online selling unused space shippers.

5. DycodeX. A startup company from Indonesia whoose primary focus in on the development of IoT solutions for livestock farming.

6. Marham. A Pakistani startup company focusing on health care helping people to search, book appointments and consult doctors through online.

7. OneStockHome. OneStockHome is a startup from the Thai nation offering e-comerce platfrorm for various construction materials.

8. Miotech. Another chineese Fintech startup developing AI based softwares for financial institutions.

9. Origami Labs. A Hong Kong based startup whoose focus is on developing rings that has the ability to send text messages. If people wear the ring, they can send text messsages without taking out their phones.

9. Swingvy. A korean human resource startup providing solutions for businesses.

These 10 companies are part of the Google for Entrepreneur Network, a community constituting over 35 members accross the globe with programs supporting startups. These 10 startup companies will be among the distinguiged panel of Google Entrepreneurs. The Demo Day Asia event will be held in Shangai September 20th 2018. During the event, startups with oustanding performance will be funded with over $100,000 in Google Cloud Platform credits.
(Photo: Google Blog)

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