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CSAIL Systems Develops A GPS Technology For Inside Your Body




GPS Technology Inside Your Body.

In the future, medical doctors, physicians could implant GPS technology, inside the human body to track tumors and dispense drugs, this was a suggestion made by CAIL systems. The use of this technology could fast track the tracing and tracking of some disease inside the human body. The usual way doctors and physicians use is the cutting and opening of the human body and the use of tubes, this method takes a lot of time for physicians to trace the exact location of the disease and may cause a huge loss if proper methods are not used.
CAIL Systems are currently working on developing a GPS system to help tackle the issue of time wasting during medical operation. The technology uses wireless signals with low power. The team however made a test using the technology on an animal and it gave a level of accuracy. The CSAIL team has predicted that this technology will be used in humans to carry drugs to different regions in the future. The GPS technology was code named the ReMix, it was a joint effort made by researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). The Remix device was first tested on an animal to track the movement of the tissue, wireless radio signal where also used during the experiment. It uses an Algorithm to track the exact location of the marker. The device reflected a signal outside the body to indicate the exact location. The technology does not require any power from external source to function. The device has some challenge of signal bounce from the body of the patient however the team used an approach to separate the signals interfaring on the patients skin. A diode was used to separate the signals which will help the team separate the signals. The ability of the device to track disease is a dream come true according to Mr. Romit Roy Choudhury, who is a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Illinois. The team is still working on was to perfect the Remix device. According the team, they will try to combine medical data with wireless data, this will involve the of magnetic resonance imaging scans. With this, more proton therapy centres may be established.

Currently only 100 therapy centres are found globally. Proton therapy centres are not common as a result of high cost of hardware installation. This technlogy will certainly change the way our medical operations are carried out. Rececently AI’s based consultants where developed to assist doctors in hospitals to carry out prescriptions and drug dosage.

Easy and fast tracking of disease found in the body such as cancers, tumors etc. Disease can be tracked without cutting and opening the human body, instead uses wireless radio signals to reflect skin signals.
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