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Apple Inc Will Launch The Apple Car Between 2023 And 2025



apple to launch apple car in 2023 to 2025

Apple will launch it’s very own car Called “The Apple Car” between 2023 and 2025, a car that may be apple’s focused product. Kuo Believes that the new Apple Car expected in the nearest future will completely change the automobile industry, kuo also sees the that there high demands for new innovations in the automobile manufacturing and production sector. The car is expected to feature the most part of apple’s technology in recent years and more advanced technology in the years to come, the car may be come the game changer with a change in architecture, design, engine etc. The car will have both hardware and software facilities that current car manufacturers have never implemented. The Apple’s dream car is expected to be the next big thing in the car manufacturing industry.

The automobile world is changing years after years and is time for apple to bring their own innovation and increase competitions among other manufacturers.

Apple Services is expected to grow, and the entrance into the automobile manufacturing industry will definitely see all of Apple’s new innovation both in hardware and software categories, Apple is expected to manufacture a full car.

We also gathered that Apple’s initial plan was to produce branded and designed cars however the course has been changed the production of Autonomous Driving Software for Cars.
Meanwhile the Apple’s autonomous vehicle program has been ongoing since 2014 however some quarters have hinted some leadership problems may halt the idea of producing a car in the nearest future. For sometime now Apple have been developing and testing the autonomous driving software. The test driving has been ongoing in the California’s City of Cupertino using a Lexus SUV. More speculation in some quarters suggest that Apple may be reconsidering the idea of building its own vehicle
if cool is correct. Apple’s current autonomous software research could be
built into an actual Apple branded car at some point prior to when the project
was shelved. For some time now rumours have suggested that apple is developing self driving electric cars, Apple has since had contacts with some top car munufactures like BMW in view of introducing advanced technology system in vehicles such as Gaspedals AR technology, Silent motorized dors with an improved light sensor.
Apple may also introduce more technologies to expand it’s VR market, likely to introduce Hourglasses in 2020.
The automobile world has since witnessed a major turn around in recent years. First Uber’s focus in producing electric cars, these electric cars are in use in many advanced countries of the world. In 2014 the university of Ibadan in Nigeria produced an electric car whoose sole power is dependent on constant charging though it was just an experimental project by the university. Ford Motors will introduce the Driver Assistant Technology in the redesigned Ford Edge 2019 car. The Driver assistant technology will help drivers drive with ease while on the road, the technology features a collision alert system, speed and distance control from cars in front, alarm system of sideview mirror and many others. Apple’s potential entrance into automobile scene will surely bring intense competition among existiing manufacturers. Apple may also introduce AR and VR headsets in 2020.
(Photo: Apple)

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