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Android 9 Pie Go Edition. Google Rolls Out New Update



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Android 9 Pie G0 Edition. New Update Rolled Out By Google

High quality device has to offer a high quality user experience. Google introduced the android GO edition last year to give users fast and smooth experience optimized for first-time and entry-level smartphone users. Google first released smartphones running the Android Go Edition in April. Since it’s inception up untill now over 200 smartphone devices in 120 countries across the globe has been covered. The Android Operating System core parts where properly refined with added useful features like Files Go, Youtube Go and Google Go apps. The Android Go Edition has many hardware improvements like the regular VGA Screen, 16GB storage and 4G network support and some versions of the smartphone running Android Go cost around $30 which is relatively cheap and more affordable to buy, however it may vary from country to counry. There are expections indicating that over 100 smartphone manufacturers are planning to release new smartphones before the year runs out.

The Android Pie Go Edition may bring out the latest improvements on the Android Operating System. The android Go Edition was coupled together with the android Pie. The android pie Go Edition comes loaded with an additional 500MB worth of storage space for your smartphone needs, your photos and vedios will have sufficient storage space. The new android Go edition also come’s with faster booting, no more delay during the booting process. It has a security boot feature called verified boot, in this new edition you can track and monitor your mobile data usage using a separate dashboard. All this incoporated in the Android Go edition has gone a long way to strengthen the OS ability and stabilize you smartphone performance. According to google, a core part of the Go edition was redisigned for sets of google apps. These apps all have unique features, like a free downloading mode in YouTube Go, that aren’t found in the classic app.

For sometime now, google has been busy carrying out and making new changes to their suite apps. Apps like;

* Google Go: the latest update on google go now offers the ability to highlight webpages aloud.

* Android Messages: the app is an edition for android go and with a reduced app size plus ability to detect spam message and a caller Identification Feature.

*Maps Go: google has incoporated new features on Maps Go like navigation.

*Assistant Go: in this new update, assistant Go now supports a variety of languages like Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Indonesian. The new update now supports bluetooth controlling camera and flashlight, and added reminders.

* Youtube Go: youtube go offers content with less data consumption andd the ability to download vedios for offline use.

*Files G0: the new update is now capable of transferring data peer-to-peer, without using mobile data, at speeds up to ~490Mbips.
(Photo: Google Blog)

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