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Tesla Model 3, The Smart Car.

The tesla model 3 car has finally broken its barriers. Teslas finally rolled out the tesla model 3 Car outside north america the latest being the arrival of the model 3 in europe, UK. The Tesla Model 3 is the company’s first affordable car made available. The latest model was unveiled at the good will festival of speed 2018. The car arrived the UK and is available for purchase at various Tesla Car sale outlets at an affordable price and UK tesla fans also have an opportunity to see the new car.

Now lets take you through the complete review of the Tesla Model 3 car.

Design: The tesla model 3 car has an astonishing design that will definitely impress you even at a glance on it. It has a smooth curved surface around its body which made it standout during its unveiling at the event. The car has no grile instead the tesla model 3 consist of an EV yet still looks great.
The model 3 car has an Aero Wheel for faster and smooth acceleration of the tires however the model 3 car will soon feature a pms (fuel) economy system to help minimize its fuel consumption.

The Screen: The tesla Model 3 saw the introduction of a new dashboard. The introduction of the new dashboard saw off tesla’s years of convention. The model 3 uses a single screen sitting at the centre of the dashboard, a steering wheel consisting of two buttons and an air bag or an air vent for air control. Several users expresses concern about the introductin of the drivers information to the right side of the screen as a dangerous move. It was also a concern to many people as having the driver information placed on the right side of the screen as a dangerous move that may distract the attention of the driver. The Tesla Model 3 car has a programmable buttons placed on the steering wheel for easy selection. The car has a battery which has the ability to run upto 310 miles of range.

The Size

The tesla model 3 as compared with the model S is much more shorter.
The Car is spacious at the back which stretches back and forth for more storage. Another feature include the addition of a space below the boot floor to offer more space for your luaggages. On the inside is a large space to convey more peolpe. The model 3 in europe is expected to move to other european countries in the coming days and weeks.


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