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Teach Your Children How TO Become Digital With Xooloo




Teach your kids how to become didgital with Xooloo. Xooloo is an app developed to help teach kids the digital world. We live in a century were everything has gone digital, from how we interact, making transactions etc. With the advent of Xooloo every one can teach there kids the way forward. Xooloo is simply a digital coach developed to empower kids and enable them become independent and create a digital habit on their own without an external support. The app uses a real time insight that will teach kids to discover whether their digital usage is on or off balance so they can make better choices about how they spend their time connected.

The main aim of this app is to teach kids how to use their phones, games they play and the time they spend on digital devices.

It has a UI that allows the kids to see their most used apps and also compare their own usage within the app to other kids of the same age to discover where they rank among their peers. The amazing features that comes with the app is the ability to protect your kids on the internet space as the A.I Engines filters out inappropriate contents. It also complies with international privacy policy rules. With Xooloo, parents can now;

1. Review apps downloaded by their kids.
2.Set the maximum age rating for the App Store
3.Protect Web navigation for all networks