See Missed Calls With New Facebook Messenger Update


New Facebook Messenger Update Lets You See Missed Calls.

Facebook messenger is a popular social messaging app owned by social giants facebook. The messenger app allows you to sent text messages to friends and families, make video calls and share videos with loved ones. The social app also allows you to make video calls for free.

The new update recently released by facebook now lets users to see a missed call and call history all in one place without switching tabs. The new update allows users to see any missed call from their friends even when they are offline or logged out.
The facebook messenger app features,

1. Enable users to search or find their buddies using their names and phone numbers.

2. Enable users to connect with friends and families across the world. The app is a cross platforn app available on all mobile operating system and no one is left out of the fun.

3. The ability to send messages to friends and families, share a photo, or start a video chat for free.

4. You can create group chat and connect with all your friends in one place. You can also share videos in the group, customize your messages with amazing colours, change nicknames and have fun together with your friends with ease.

5. Emojis, facebook messenger has lots of emojis you can choose from, you can also send stickers and GIFs to your friends. You can also add effects to your videos.

6. The Messenger App lets you capture your photos with added fun art and save them to camera roll or you can send it to “Your Day” a feature that lets you know what you are upto.

7. In facebook messenger you can play games with yours friends and set ranks too.

8. The app also allows you make direct contact with businesses. In this feature, you can make order on your products and also get a real time customer service.


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