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See Missed Calls With New Facebook Messenger Update



new facebook messenger update lets you see missed called

New Facebook Messenger Update Lets You See Missed Calls.

Facebook messenger is a popular social messaging app owned by social giants facebook. The messenger app allows you to sent text messages to friends and families, make video calls and share videos with loved ones. The social app also allows you to make video calls for free.

The new update recently released by facebook now lets users to see a missed call and call history all in one place without switching tabs. The new update allows users to see any missed call from their friends even when they are offline or logged out.
The facebook messenger app features,

1. Enable users to search or find their buddies using their names and phone numbers.

2. Enable users to connect with friends and families across the world. The app is a cross platforn app available on all mobile operating system and no one is left out of the fun.

3. The ability to send messages to friends and families, share a photo, or start a video chat for free.

4. You can create group chat and connect with all your friends in one place. You can also share videos in the group, customize your messages with amazing colours, change nicknames and have fun together with your friends with ease.

5. Emojis, facebook messenger has lots of emojis you can choose from, you can also send stickers and GIFs to your friends. You can also add effects to your videos.

6. The Messenger App lets you capture your photos with added fun art and save them to camera roll or you can send it to “Your Day” a feature that lets you know what you are upto.

7. In facebook messenger you can play games with yours friends and set ranks too.

8. The app also allows you make direct contact with businesses. In this feature, you can make order on your products and also get a real time customer service.

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Whogohost Limited.
Whogohost Limited is a nigerian web hosting and internet providing company that provides web hosting services like wordpress hosting, cpanel hosting to companies, business and Small and medium Enterprise. The company is well known for its rich customers relations service and high server uptime.

Company Type: Webhosting.

Whogohost Limited is a webhost and internet service provider delivering services to over thousands of businesses across nigeria with solid server uptime.

About: Whogohost Limited.

WhoGoHost Limited is a nigerian web hosting solutions company. The company was founded in the year 2007 by Mr. Opeyemi Awoyemi under ennovate NIGERIA Limited. Whogohost later branched out to be incorporated as a company under the nigerian coporate affairs commission (CAC) in 2011 as an established company and branded itself as WhoGoHost Limited. In 2010 Mr. Opeyemi Awoyemi created a partnership with Toba Obaniyi, a web programmer and online customer service specialist as at then, to handle the responsibilities to consolidate the business as a partner and co-founder.

WhoGoHost Limited has grown over the years to become one of the top three web hosting companies serving in Nigeria with over thousands of clients. The company provides services for clients inside and outside Nigeria. The company is focused on delivering top quality web hosting service and a rich support to its customers.

Features: Whogohost provides services such as;

(1.) Domains: Whogohost provides you with wide range of domain name registration options from .NG domains to .Africa domains.
Domains: .NG, .COM.NG, .COM, .AFRICA, .XYZ and many more. Their dmain prices ranges from N1,200 upto N3,500 and N12,000.

(2.) Hosting: whogohost provide a wide range of hosting packages ranging from WordPress Hosting packages, Virtual Private Servers, Shared Hosting Plans which include Cpanel hosting, Reseller Hosting.
They provide Cpanel Linux Hosting, and also helps their customers with data migration and hosting switching.

More features include, Guaranteed 99.9% Network Uptime Unlimited Emails FTP Accounts PHP 5.4 – 7.0 MySQL Databases CPanel and PHPMyAdmin CGI, Ruby(RoR) Extensions,Perl Extensions, CRON Jobs SMS & Email Notifications, Automated Installation for WordPress, Joomla, SMF etc Unlimited SQL Databases Parked and Addon Domains Supported Free SSL Certificate.

*Email Hosting: Whogohost provides email hosting service which has a cloud based technology that helps get professional email addresses to their customers. The cloud email hosting package is a very simple solution that is very easy to use and manage by customers. It uses a professional email address as(yourname@

*Reseller Hosting:
Whogohost’s Reseller hosting package offers a form of web hosting solution that gives client the ability to use their allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. If you are an aspiring Tech startup, you can use this to provide services to your customers.

*Cloud Hosting:
The ideal option for any company that takes their online presence as a priority. The best option is to own your private server where no one shares with you. WhoGoHost Limited cloud hosting package is an ideal option for companies, software developers, website that recieve huge ammount of traffic, and people who want to own their server. cloud hosting server is exclusive.

*Google G Suite:
G-Suite is a cloud-based software technology by Google, the software helps connect company and team member across various devices.

WhoGoHost is a G-Suite Reseller Partner.

All plans on whogohost limited.

(I) Domains
* .NG 12,000 Naira (Year)
* .COM.NG 1,200 Naira (Year)
* .ORG 4,500 Naira (Year)
* .NET 5,000 Naira (Year)

Prices Listed Here May Vary From Time To Time

(II) Hosting
*Aspire 4,000 Naira (Year)
*Premium 6,000 Naira (Year)
*Pro 8,500 Naira (Year)
*Pro Plus 13,500 Naira(Year)
*Giant 21,000 Naira(Year).

(3.) Security: Whogohot offers a strong security system to help protect the data’s of website’s and domains on their servers. Whogost uses security features such as an SSL Certificates, SiteLock Scanner and CodeGuard Backup.

*SSL Sertificate:The SSL certificate simply protect the website from external attacks like DDoS Attacks. When data is sent over the ineternet they are vulnerable to hackers that can hijack the information. The SSL sertificate help secures the content.

*Site Lock Scanner: SiteLock is a cloud-based security solution which protects the database where sensitive information is stored and scans website files and applications. Sitelock protects data breaches and spreading of viruses/ malware.

*CodeGuard Backup:
monitors and backs up data of website and database. Whenever it detects any change in your website, it creates an automatic backup and then sends you a mail about the changes on your site.

(4) Support: whogohost offers a support system that helps their clients which ranges from video tutorials, phone calls, sms and a knowledge based section.

whogohost limited covers client from in and outside nigeria

Africa- Nigeria, WhoGoHost Limited 3, Celestial Church Street,Off Amara Olu Street Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos

U.S.A. 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes,County of Sussex Delaware,19958

+234 (0)700 2233 2233, +234 (0)1 453 8084


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