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Nigerian Tech Start up, challenges. As we all know tech startup in nigeria almost seems to be like an impossible task. We look at the support of the government to provide an enabling environment which seems to be a daunting task. Technlogy in our government owned schools are just like painting a picture without proper staring of paint mixture. In states like Lagos state, the economy of the state alone favours tech startup, if the the federal government of nigeria can emulate the way lagos state run their economy we shall see greather changes. Our national budgets never favours tech even in one bit. so nigerians ready for tech startup face the problem of doing it alone and also face high taxation from government sources.

Problems Faced

Tech startups in nigeria face lots of problem which are outlined as follows.

1. Lack of access to capital.
Here in nigeria it is very hard to secure financial support to make your own startup. We all know that even a loan from a bank would require lots of processes before you can get the capital you desired for. Also the federal government has little or no support for tech startups and young entrepreneurs. Even if there exist any government body, it will require a lot of process to obtain the capital needed.

2. Self Centred. The problem we face in nigeria and in africa as whole is the self centred lifestyle. The ”I Can Do It Alone” is major probem. A situatin whereby two or three peolpe join hands together for a startup, the idea from each person will go a long way in pushing every activity forward.

3. Knowledge, Skill and Talent. We live in the 21st century were almost everything has turned techy. In this case, it is required for oneself to keep up to date with the latest trends going in and around his/her focal point. As an individual interested in tech startup, you have use every possible means to study and learn major tech changes around you so that you can keep with any change in your category.

4. Media. The media agencies in nigeria all focus on providing rich broadcast programs for their teaming audience. Majority of these media agencies purchase their equipments and hire experts abroad while there are capable hands in the country. Media organisation should focus on helping tech startups and young entrepreneurs by showcasing their works, progress and even hire them in cases where they are needed. This way many young entrepreneurs aspiring for startup will be encouraged to do so.

Networking And Data Centres.
Nigeria as we all know is a big market for tech if well utilized. The growing number of the nations population surpases the nations growth rate. The provision of data transfer in nigeria is very poor unlike countries ssuch as South Africa, Morocco etc. Data transfer rate must be improved by service providers to help boost the nations tech space. With this slow pace, tech startups are most affected by it.

Tech is all about marketing and marketing plays a major role in the success of any business and startup is not an exemption. startups should be able to provide meaningful marketing ideas to sell their brands. Nigeria’s population is much and for you to succeed you need to develop ideas to meet up with the expectations of the population.

Solution To Tech Startup in Nigeria.


networking is the art of meeting and making direct or indirect contact with other people in a formal or semi formal environment. This way is a useful way that will surely help boost young and apsiring tech startup. It can help them set up and run their business. In this case they have to use their personal skills and experince to tap into their hobbies and interests.


Brainstorming is a creative technique that can be used to solve problems and also can be used to generate ideas. Every tech startup should have a problem which they plan to solve with their own idea. So there should be a problem statement.

Mass Media.
The media can also play a major role in promoting startup such as promoting, patronizing etc. Mass media like Newspapers, Tvs, Magazines etc.

Creativity is the ability to make or do something new. Tech startup should more creative in every aspect inorder to achieve greather success. They should have the ability to come up with solutions to different problems and needs.

Government Support
The government of nigeria should create an enabling environment for startups and possibly provide support to them.


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