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New WhatsApp Update Comes Loaded With Bugs


WhatsApp New Update Comes Loaded with Bugs.
WhatsApp is a social chat platform owned by facebook. The messenger app lets you connect with family and friends using cellular numbers. WhatsApp has witnessed several updates which saw the dumping of several mobile operating systems like the blackberry operating system, Nokia’s S40 and S60 Symbian OS, recently Whatsapp also ended support for android 2.2 an previous versions of android. The latest update released by whatsapp which restricts users to send only messages to 5 contact groups.

The latest version released by whatsapp on 23/07/2018 (July 23) came with lots of bugs.
The bugs experienced by users inlclude:

*Inability to send original size of pictures to other users.

*Whenever a user opens friends status tab, it displays ‘media dosen’t exist.

* Uers cannot forward video to others users, messages or documents more ten group.

*Sometimes the app fails to respond

*Hanging during phone call

*Backup option not working

*Whenever a user adds caption to a photo, the WhatsApp App crashes. All these and many more were bugs experienced by whatsapp users. The app itself is good, but the recent update has caused lots of damage. WhatsApp needs to work on the app to make it more stable and crash free. Some users narrated their ordeal about the influx of bugs following the recent update of the app.

WhatsApp Messenger is more prefered choice for some people as it allows you connect with family and friends and keep in touch with latest videos in group chats. Why people prefer WhatsApp include;

*Free: The WhatsApp Messenger App uses the contacts on your smart phone as well Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi) the app allow users to send free text messages and calls to family and friends, you are not required to pay for every call you make or messages you send unlike your usual telco providers. On WhatsApp Messanger everything is free and no suscription fee is required.

*OFFLINE MESSAGES: On WhatsApp messenger even if you are offline, WhatsApp automatically saves your recents messages and present them to you whenever you login.

* Free International Calls: With WhatsApp messenger, you can call your friends around the world and avoid charges associated with international calls.

* Calls For Free: WhatsApp offers free calling to friends and family Call, even if they’re abroad. The WhatsApp call uses your smart phone’s Internet connection rather than your mobile cellular plan’s voice minutes. However you cannot have access to call emergency numbers using the WhatsApp App.

* Multimedia Messages: You can Send and receive photos, videos, documents, and Voice Messages with your friends and in group chats.

* Always Connected: With WhatsApp, your account is always logged in so you will not miss any message. No more confusion about whether you’re logged in or logged out.

* No Need For Usernames and Passwords: WhatsApp does not require a username or password, rather it uses your phone number. Unlike popular social network sites, with whatsapp no need for a username and a password. Just connect with the contacts on your smartphone


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