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New Possibity Of Life Found On Mars, Youtube Expands VR


Possibility Of Life Found on Mars, Youtube Expands its VR.

1. Scientist have detected an underground lake on mars, a discovery that has increased the possibility of life on mars

An underground lake has been found beneath the planet of mars according to latest discovery by scientist. The underground lake was detected by scientist using an instrument orbiting a spacecraft. This discocery has increasingly raised the possibilty of having the existence of living organism on mars.
The scientist where able to detect the reservoir which has a distance of 12 miles (20 Km) in diameter.

According to the research that was carried out, it could take several years to know if a living organism exist in the lake. Mars is the only planet apart from our own planet Earth that has proven to have some resemblance of living organism existing.
The researchers were able to detect the lake with the aid of data’s that where collected from May 2012 to December 2015 by an instrument aboard the European Space Agency’s Mars Express spacecraft that transmits radar pulses, which penetrate the Martian surface and ice caps. “The reserch took the researchers long years to gather data analysis and took lots of efforts to find a better way to be sure that all there observations where liquid water according Enrico Flamini who is the chief scientist at the Italian Space Agency during the research. The lake found on mars is like a resemblance of lakes on earth, predictions have been made that the lake may inhabit living organisms. Maybe a future research can make it clear. (Source: Reuters)

2. YouTube expands its VR app to Samsung’s Gear VR device.

Google’s Video streaming site Youtube has expanded its own VR app to the samsung’s Gear VR device to let users watch videos and chat with strangers. VR device owners can easily download the app from Oculus Store.
Users can chat with friends or stranger and seamlessly watch and chat about latest videos with aid of the VR. Users that want’s to access the news feature, they can tap on the Watch Together icon which is located under the play controls on the Daydream View or Gear VR headset. The announcement was first made last year at the developers conference that Youtube would have social VR features, which has just been rolled out.

The use of VR has increased at a greather percentage. Will the expansion of the VR to the Samsung Gear VR device bring any change? Youtube is by far the largest and maybe the best social video streaming app in the world featuring videos ranging from Politics, sports, comics, entertainment, technology etc. For youtube GO users we are not quite sure if the same feature will be made available for users to explore. The expansion of the youtube VR app to samsung Gear VR will definitely change our youtube experience. You can download the app from oculus store starting from this week according to annoucement made on google blog. Youtube for sometime now has been missing from the oculus app store.


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