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IBM AI Project Debater, Journey So Far


IBM AI Project Debater, The Journey So Far.
The Tech industry giants IBM have been working on a project called the the AI debater, this project is geard towards giving an AI robot or an AI Machine the ability to debate live publicly with human beings.

An event that was held in san fransisco U.S where the IBM AI project debator started preparing arguements in favour or to against a statement which said “Space exploration should be subsidized”. A debate with a human. Both gave a four-minute opening statement, a four minute rebuttal, and a two-minute summary. The IBM AI Project Debater gave an arguement which supports the benefits of space exploration. The IBM AI project debator also gave the advantages space exploration could mean for the existence of humans which was stated as;

It will make young people do well and have higher aspirations and also create advanced scientific research and discoveries. The IBM AI project debater was in the debate alongside an Israei debate champion (Noa Ovadia) in 2016 who oppossed the facts that were given by the robot. Noa Ovadia said that there are lots of applications for government subsidies, including subsidies for scientific research here on Earth. The IBM AI debater carefully listened to Noa’s point. After Noa gave his own account of the debate, the AI debater After listening to Noa’s argument, Project Debater countered Noa’s point by giving his own point which says that potential technological and economic benefits from space exploration outweigh other government spending.

It was a real debate that saw an AI machine goin into an arguement with a human. Following the close of the debate, the audience and members all lauded the brilliance of the AI debater. The use of AI has gone far and far beyond the way we see it. AI has already been apllied in healthcare system where the AI machines are allowed to give diagnosis and patience analysis and insight with less watch by a human.

With the introduction of a Project Debater, the huge gap in AI innovations has been reduced to certain percentage. The AI debater is in line with IBM’s recent AI inovations which include Deep Blue. According to IBM, the introduction of the AI project debater is a reflection of there research across several disciplines of human intelligence.

The Building of the AI debator has been a very difficult task which has taken over 6 years to work on it. The debator is led by IBM’s Haifa Lab in the State Of Israel. The AI debater has a three level capabilty like;
1. Data driven speech writing and delivery

2. Listen and make comprehension that can identify key claims hidden within lon continuous spoken language.

3.Modelling human dilemmas in a unique knowledge graph to enable principled arguments.

Project Debater makes mistakes in some cases. However it has the potentials to assist humans with lots of decisions you can’t even imaging. Lets take for example, it can help in identifying financial facts for or against financial thesis, or presenting pro and con arguments related to public policies.



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