Google May Be Using Artificial Intelligence For Ranking


Google may be using Arificial Intelligence for ranking.

Google as a giant in the search engine world has been a major force in the way the internet has been operating. Google as an experienced force tried its best to stop several tricks used by several webmasters to jump to an unmerited position in SERPs. Many webmaster used several ways in-order to get to the top on their keyword topics.

The methods used where spamming, keyword stuffing, doorway pages, article Spinning, Duplicate contents etc. Google was able to curb this bad practices and in turn handed penalties to the defaulting website. In time past the search engine giants used several methods as rankings factors which includes,

1. Title Meta Tag

2. Description meta (Content)

3. Keyword Density

4. Focus Keywords

5. Authoritative Backlinks.

These methods were used and i still been used by google as a ranking factor. Note* These ranking factors may subject to change by google as we do not have direct contact with google, the data above was picked according to survey carried out on several SEO Companies and Seo Blogs.
In in recent times their have been some sharp changes in the way google rank sites. If You are an internet user that frequently uses search engines as a tool, for example if you search for the keyword ‘ Video Games’, the output result does not necessarily show the keyword video games, but the output result is related to games with the keyword video games absent in both the title and meta description.

Now this case study shows that, google may likely be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to rank SERPs result. This is 2018, the old regular practices is now ignored by google. Google usually do not reveal its secret on the methods used as ranking factors for site.
Content Marketers, SEO Campainers, Affiliate Markerters and Niche Sites should focus primary on,

1. Quality Content,
2. Content Length,
3. Self Explanatory Contents
4. Htags Opmization.

Webmasters should focus on these methods as search engine giants google may be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) as ranking Factors.

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