Development Of Technology In Africa


Technology and Africa.

Technology has come to stay in our mordern day world, unfortunately africa seems not be catching up with the latest trends in technology. When cell phones started its trend, its impact was not felt in africa on its inception. Today we’v seen several innovations in the manufacture of cars, companies like uber, tesla and ford are all on the rise in the transition from the usual P.M.S petrol cars into what we call electric cars or solar cars. As a matter of fact, these old P.M.S will soon be illegal in the europen nation of France by the year 2030. Soon the advanced nations will completely faceout these cars.

The rise in digital or crypto currency. Africa has exploited the current trend of cryptocurrency, major investors across the world, institutions and nations are now using these electronics currencies as a means of doing business and making payments. There where talks and rumours about the proposed plan of using bitcoin as generally accepted means of payment in the asean nation of china.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Artificial intelligence is simply the intellingence demonstraded by a machine instead of a human. These machines have the ability to percieve its environment and gather the information gotten from its environment to achieve successful goals. These machines are coded in different ways to achieve higher objectives.

The use of AI is common in South East Asean Nation of Japan, China, the US etc. It has been projected that, lots of jobs will be lost by people. As a result of these machine carrying out specific task humans can perform even more faster and quicker than a huma can.

So how should africans go about this, if african leaders stop focusing there attentions on one part alone, and make a shift towards diversifying, a lot can be achived.


The AU: the african union is the primary body that oversees the affairs of all the nations in the african continent. The AU should carry out summit on technology, the initiation of the tech related ideas to member nations. As of today, Africa is the major destination for shipment of these tech products as a result of this trend, africa is the major contributor to the GDP of major European, Asean and Americas Nations.

Each year africa spends billions in purchasing tech products from other continents. You see, so what can be done to curb this? African nations should start looking inwards, with much effort and time, africa will soon turn from shipping destination to Manufacturing and production Hub.

National Policy change, in africa nations like Nigeria, South Africa, Algeria, Egypt are seen as the role models of the continent. The presidents, prime ministers or kings of these nations should give priority to technology in their budgets with heavy funding. If these top nations turns there policy in favour of technology, other nations will follow suite. As of (2018) only few african states give priority to technology. So what can be done? Every african state should change its policy to favour technology which in turn will change the face of africa.

Enabling Environment.
African states should create the enabling environment for investors to invest thier money. Every investor has fear of returns, every investor has the mindsect of making profit, so if african states can guarantee an enabling environment such as reduced tax rates, security to investors, the state of technology will improve.

Nations By Technological advancement.

South Africa

These nations are listed as a result of there involvement in nation building and focusing thier attention in tech within the last few years (2014 Till Date-.


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