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Development Of Technology In Africa



Technology and Africa.

Technology has come to stay in our mordern day world, unfortunately africa seems not be catching up with the latest trends in technology. When cell phones started its trend, its impact was not felt in africa on its inception. Today we’v seen several innovations in the manufacture of cars, companies like uber, tesla and ford are all on the rise in the transition from the usual P.M.S petrol cars into what we call electric cars or solar cars. As a matter of fact, these old P.M.S will soon be illegal in the europen nation of France by the year 2030. Soon the advanced nations will completely faceout these cars.

The rise in digital or crypto currency. Africa has exploited the current trend of cryptocurrency, major investors across the world, institutions and nations are now using these electronics currencies as a means of doing business and making payments. There where talks and rumours about the proposed plan of using bitcoin as generally accepted means of payment in the asean nation of china.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Artificial intelligence is simply the intellingence demonstraded by a machine instead of a human. These machines have the ability to percieve its environment and gather the information gotten from its environment to achieve successful goals. These machines are coded in different ways to achieve higher objectives.

The use of AI is common in South East Asean Nation of Japan, China, the US etc. It has been projected that, lots of jobs will be lost by people. As a result of these machine carrying out specific task humans can perform even more faster and quicker than a huma can.

So how should africans go about this, if african leaders stop focusing there attentions on one part alone, and make a shift towards diversifying, a lot can be achived.


The AU: the african union is the primary body that oversees the affairs of all the nations in the african continent. The AU should carry out summit on technology, the initiation of the tech related ideas to member nations. As of today, Africa is the major destination for shipment of these tech products as a result of this trend, africa is the major contributor to the GDP of major European, Asean and Americas Nations.

Each year africa spends billions in purchasing tech products from other continents. You see, so what can be done to curb this? African nations should start looking inwards, with much effort and time, africa will soon turn from shipping destination to Manufacturing and production Hub.

National Policy change, in africa nations like Nigeria, South Africa, Algeria, Egypt are seen as the role models of the continent. The presidents, prime ministers or kings of these nations should give priority to technology in their budgets with heavy funding. If these top nations turns there policy in favour of technology, other nations will follow suite. As of (2018) only few african states give priority to technology. So what can be done? Every african state should change its policy to favour technology which in turn will change the face of africa.

Enabling Environment.
African states should create the enabling environment for investors to invest thier money. Every investor has fear of returns, every investor has the mindsect of making profit, so if african states can guarantee an enabling environment such as reduced tax rates, security to investors, the state of technology will improve.

Nations By Technological advancement.

South Africa

These nations are listed as a result of there involvement in nation building and focusing thier attention in tech within the last few years (2014 Till Date-.

Tech Opinion

Google May Be Using Artificial Intelligence For Ranking



google ai

Google may be using Arificial Intelligence for ranking.

Google as a giant in the search engine world has been a major force in the way the internet has been operating. Google as an experienced force tried its best to stop several tricks used by several webmasters to jump to an unmerited position in SERPs. Many webmaster used several ways in-order to get to the top on their keyword topics.

The methods used where spamming, keyword stuffing, doorway pages, article Spinning, Duplicate contents etc. Google was able to curb this bad practices and in turn handed penalties to the defaulting website. In time past the search engine giants used several methods as rankings factors which includes,

1. Title Meta Tag

2. Description meta (Content)

3. Keyword Density

4. Focus Keywords

5. Authoritative Backlinks.

These methods were used and i still been used by google as a ranking factor. Note* These ranking factors may subject to change by google as we do not have direct contact with google, the data above was picked according to survey carried out on several SEO Companies and Seo Blogs.
In in recent times their have been some sharp changes in the way google rank sites. If You are an internet user that frequently uses search engines as a tool, for example if you search for the keyword ‘ Video Games’, the output result does not necessarily show the keyword video games, but the output result is related to games with the keyword video games absent in both the title and meta description.

Now this case study shows that, google may likely be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to rank SERPs result. This is 2018, the old regular practices is now ignored by google. Google usually do not reveal its secret on the methods used as ranking factors for site.
Content Marketers, SEO Campainers, Affiliate Markerters and Niche Sites should focus primary on,

1. Quality Content,
2. Content Length,
3. Self Explanatory Contents
4. Htags Opmization.

Webmasters should focus on these methods as search engine giants google may be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) as ranking Factors.

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Tech Opinion

The Acquisition Of Githhub And The Way Forward – Tech News



Microsoft Acquision And The Way Forward For Github.

Tech giants microsoft recently aquired the hub of computer programming github, for huge some of money, summing upto 5.7b $, a deal that is worth github it. A development which has also caused some backclash for the original owners of github. So, the question lies, why did microsoft aquire github? Is it an experimental project or a project that will produce new sets of interface, a question still up for debate. Github has been among the leading destination for programmers around the world for some time now.
Myself as a tech enthusiast i have been on github in search of mini project for my linux kernel experiment. should we expect to see a different github? Well, we hope for a better result. Here reactions from some users,
#Git out here
#Azure Github by windows
#Next they will rebrand it “Codeplex”…..

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The State Of Cryptocurrencies – Tech Case Study



crypto currency

The state of cryptocurrency

Crypto currencies in recent times have become the major currency used mostly in advanced nations where technological advancement is at its peak. The currency itself is like an invinsible currency which cannot be touched, felt but can be used for various payments and exchanges across various platforms. To our own surprise we all trade forex someway or somehow without been aware of it.

We all involve in forex trading indirectly as the money we deposit in banks are used by these banks to trade thier own forex and as a result make huge profits from its proceeds. The trend of digital or crypto currencies are well known in advanced nations across europe, asia, north and south america with few nations from africa also hugely involved in cryptocurrency trading. Let’s take a look at the top cryptocurrencies.

1. Bitcoin.

As expected in this reserch, bitcoin is the top traded and most used crypto currency around the world with blockchain used as the bitcoin bank.
Bitcoin is known to be the largest crypto currency both in value and popularity among varoius traders. The bitcoin cryptocurrency has a system called mining. This mining is known as the process of making transactions which are verified and in turn added to the public bitcoin bank called blockchain. It is also the process of releasing new bitcoins.

2. Litecoin.

Litecoin is another cryptocurrency used accross the world. Litecoin cryptocurrency was released on october 2011 which was actively influenced by the big Coin called ‘Bitcoin’. It was released as an open source project.

3. EThereum.

Ethereum is a crypto currency whose platform run under the blockchain system. It was first launced in 2014 and is now among the top currencies used.

4. Zcash.

Zcash is a type of currency that uses cryptography to provide highend privacy to its users. It was introduced in 2016. Its developments is led by zerocoin electric company. Zcash has its payments system published on public domains however user can opt to use a feature to protect the reciever, sender and the amount transacted to other users.

5. Ripple.

Ripple serves as a cryptocurrency and also as a payment system. It enables banks, users and investors to make transactions over the network. It reduces the amount spent on cross boarder money exchange and can handle exchanges of 1,500 per second.

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